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A Night with Dwele

Renisha Marie Entertainment LLC

A Night with Dwele

I had the opportunity to attend Dwele’s concert along with my longtime friend Dena Mauldin Gallegos and we had a remarkable time.  Dwele is known for his soulful hits; I’m Cheatin’, What’s Not to Love and Too Fly to name a few.  I anticipated a great evening, however, nothing could prepare me for the night I experienced.  As soon as we entered the auditorium you could feel the vivacity as the audience eagerly anticipated Dwele’s presence.  The room was dimly lit providing a soothing ambiance with the majority of the light glowing softly from the stage. 

Renisha Marie Entertainment LLC

Renisha Marie Entertainment LLC

The time we’ve all been awaiting has arrived. Dwele approached the stage dressed in blue jeans and a black shirt adorned with a blazer in addition to a neatly cut mohawk.  He approached the microphone and gently embraced it. As soon as he opened his mouth his soulful voice put the audience in an instant trance causing us to yearn for more.

To my astonishment Dwele stepped down from the stage into the crowd and sung to us.  He made every women in the room feel exceptional. If you brought a date then you were sure to grab that person closer as you embodied the sensual vibe of his poignant sound.  The energy was emotive. Dwele called a couple on stage to dance as he wooed them; as he continued to serenade the couple, the young man unexpectedly dropped to his knees and proposed to his new fiancé. The evening was dynamic. How fortunate to get proposed to while being serenaded by your favorite artist. It doesn’t get any better than that.

After the concert Dwele hosted an after party where he made an appearance to talk to and take pictures with his fans. Dwele is a celebrated artist with an awe-inspiring talent.  I had such an amazing time I didn’t want the night to end. If he ever comes to your town purchase your ticket as soon as possible; you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. I certainly did.


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