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How can Star Trek deal with Anton Yelchin’s passing?

Remember Chekov? American actor Anton Yelchin portrayed the Russian character Pavel Chekov in the film series of Star Trek. Since his passing in 2016, Star Trek fans have been worrying about what the next film would do to the character Pavel Chekov. A message from Tumblr has been circulating on Facebook recently, from user iprayforangels, about what the film can do with the character Chekov. The message on Facebook has gotten more than 1k likes and at least 17,000 shares. How can the next film deal with Anton’s passing respectfully in the best way possible?


“Don’t recast Chekov and don’t kill him.” The post from iprayforangels suggested, “Have the character transfer to a different ship and be doing just fine. He sends Sulu messages about how he’s doing. Then respect why Chekov was originally there and make the new person in his seat an Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, or Saudi Arabian woman. Chekov was there to predict a future where the Russians, America’s greatest enemies at the time of the show’s creation, were our friends and allies. Pay respect to why he was created by placing a Muslim woman from a country that America has fought with in the seat. Give her a gold dress, black long sleeve undershirt, black leggings, and a federation uniform approved hijab. The movies should be creating representation and paying respects to what Chekov was there for. Put a Muslim woman in the navigator’s chair and let her fly us through the stars.”


Some Star Trek fans were enraged. One person complained, “In Star Trek, humans have outgrown the superstition of religion, so there are no Muslims…. this is stupid. Make her from a Middle Eastern country sure…. but Muslim…. fu*k off with that” Someone responded that comment, saying, “Perhaps they have outgrown the superstition – this isn’t proven to be universally true – but it’s unlikely they’ve completely shed the cultural heritage. Note how much of a Francophile Picard is, how proud Scotty is of his Scots heritage, etc. If Scotty can wear a tartan-ish thing on occasion, someone of Muslim heritage can wear a hibab. The Star Trek culture celebrates diversity, remember?”


At a time when people consider being Muslim “Un-American,” and even go so far as to banning them from entering the country, or cursing at them and shoving them out of commercial establishments and conferences for wearing hijab, it’d be a good creative choice for the movie to imagine a future where simply being Muslim is absolutely fine.


What do you think? Leave in the comments below and let us know what you think Star Trek should do to the character Chekov.


Written by Curtis Han, RM Entertainment Contributor

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