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Photo Credit: Derrick Lemont

These two members of the exceptionally talented team from behind and in front of the camera for the breakaway digital series, Compersion, stopped in Atlanta, Georgia last week to meet with supporters from the Black & Poly (polyamory) Facebook group ( and its local Meetup chapter, along with two secret, black polyamory groups based there. Compersion, the first project of Jackie J. Stone’s year-old Enchant TV network, is about a family’s struggles in opening its marriage to outside love interests. Open relationships have been on the media radar for the last few years with ‘Big Love’ and ‘Polyamory: Married and Dating’ introducing audiences en masse to polygamy (Big Love) and polyamory (the latter) as representatives of consensual non-monogamy. Ms. Stone shared these thoughts with RM Entertainment exclusively:

It was an amazing experience meeting the fans and friends of Enchant TV & Compersion.  We couldn’t have asked for more gracious hosts nor a more supportive community. As the series creator, it was a very rewarding experience to see how the series has impacted our viewers, and that our audience is eager for a Season 2. I hope to engage with our audience more and hope to do a Compersion tour.

Jackie J. Stone and Derrick LeMont talk Season 2 of Compersion:

Here’s Season I, episode 1 of Compersion, featuring stars Derrick LeMont and Jammie Patton:

Jackie J. Stone IMDb:

Derrick LeMont’s demo reel (2014, so it excludes his appearances in 2016’s made-for-television Anita Hill movie, ‘Confirmation,’ and in this year’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’):

Derrick LeMont:



Photo Credit: Facebook, Arghavan Agida

The Iranian-Swedish singer, womanist, author, and U

nited Nations Goodwill Ambassador to Sweden released her newest single, Zan, coinciding with International Women’s Month and the publication of her book Zan (Woman). On March 9th, Agida posted this message to her Facebook page (and I have a special thank you to Dr. Nina Ansary for highlighting inspirational Iranian women, which introduced me to Arghavan):  

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this project! It took 9 months to collect videos from strong and inspirational women from all around the world! Unfortunately, everyone could not be in the video but you are all equally valuable. It involves a couple of my favorite artists from Sweden to my heroes from oppressed countries fighting each day for their goals and dreams. I made this video to represent strength, empowerment, love and courage and with that we can all make a change!

Lyric: @padide_neishaboori

arrangement/production: Johan Moberg

music: Erwin Khachikian
Video: me💙








The celebrated author glides up from his 2015 PEN American Center Prize for the autobiographical ‘Filthy,’ written under his legal name, Isiko Cooks, and the critical success of his novel, ‘Domina: Submission Is A Privilege,’ based on the sessions of real-life dominatrix, Regina Bolton, known professionally as Goddess Jay. Mack, a prolific writer, released his 18th novel last week. Reprising a recurring, popular character in previous novels, ‘Ayana: The Return’ packs sizzle unbound and unrestrained. Immediate reviews are typical…and encouraging. The 47-year-old wordsmith promises to return respect to the art of urban literature. See for yourself:




Photo Credit: Google Images

The vivacious life coach, author, motivational speaker, and featured teacher on the bestselling ‘The Secret,’ made a startling revelation from the stage recently. Lisa’s unexpected phone call at the close of her presentation, with over 600 people in the live audience and another 400 or so watching online, brought both audiences to cheers amid complete surprise with the disclosure that was over 20 years in coming. Feast:

Written by: Kato Cooks, RM Entertainment Contributor


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Aidan Park

Photo Credit: Aidan Park/Laugh Factory

Comedian Aidan Park’s next gig is at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach, California. Always a crowd favorite for his high-octane routines, Aidan’s Comedy Realness show unfolds on Wednesday, February 22   where he shares hosting duties with comic Kelsey Cook. Curtain goes up at 8 p.m. Other featured comics are Pandora Boxx, Keith Carey, Rebecca Donohue, and Jessimae Peluso.  More information at (562) 495-2844, extension 1. Location: 151 S. Pine Avenue, Long Beach CA 90802. and   Follow Aidan: @AidanParkShow.

And for a taste:

Tania Morales

Photo Credit: TeddyBoy French

And about comics, comedian/producer Tania Morales performed last week in Inglewood, California for a fundraiser at Chuco’s Legal Justice Center (see Reunification Fundraiser at . Also performing were comedians JR Redwater and Dina Leffart, and rappers Kristle Lightning and White Cloud (the rappers appearing together as Lightning Cloud). You may remember Tania’s Morales Espino Productions’ Funny First Friday shows in Santa Ana, which ran for a little over the last three years. Tania returned to the stage for a breather, but she tells us that she plans to relaunch Funny First Fridays soon. Stay tuned with us and here:

Sidney Poitier

Photo Credit: MGM

Turner Classic Movies announced recently that Academy Award-winning actor/director/diplomat Sir Sidney Poitier will attend its 2017 TCM Classic Film Festival for the 50th anniversary screening of ‘In The Heat of the Night,’ which will open the festival on April 6.  The landmark film, directed by Norman Jewison, was a Best Picture winner and starred Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger. From the TMC Movie Classics website: “Poitier broke stereotypes and new ground for his leading role as a black northern cop who finds himself investigating a murder in small-town Mississippi.” See:

Tennessee Williams

Photo Credit: Google images

California’s Pasadena Playhouse (The Playhouse) presents its Four by Tenn, beginning February 27, and each Monday for four consecutive weeks. According to its announcement, The Playhouse will bring together ‘some of the best and brightest Los Angeles theater talent in a celebration of Tennessee Williams. Hear the words of one of the most legendary playwrights come to life as staged readings at the theater that premiered two of his early works, and now welcomes Al Pacino and Judith Light in the development production God Looked Away, a study of Tennessee at the end of his career.”  For more information and reservations:

Smokey Robinson

Photo Credit:Evelyn Hockstein/Washington Post

The legendary crooner and former Motown Records vice president celebrated his 77th birthday on February 19. A Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and Grammy Living Legend, Smokey has a series of recognitions, beginning with a Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) award for songwriting early in his career, followed by Kennedy Center honoree, lifetime achievement awards from Black Entertainment Television and The Society of Singers, and he was awarded the National Medal of Arts. Smokey has been inducted also into the R&B Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and most recently awarded the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.  Singer/songwriter Bob Dylan said of Smokey, “He’s America’s greatest living poet.” The late singer Luther Vandross called Smokey the Shakespeare of Soul. It is estimated that Smokey Robinson has penned over 4,000 songs, including My Girl (The Temptations), My Guy (Mary Wells), Ain’t That Peculiar (Marvin Gaye), Don’t Mess With Bill (The Marvelettes), Here I Am Baby (Barbara McNair), and Tracks Of My Tears (The Miracles). Smokey Robinson continues to tour, write, and record with a noteworthy recent cover of his ‘Being With You’ as a duet with R&B superstar Mary J. Blige.

Written by Kato Cooks, RM Entertainment Contributor





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Interview with Comedienne Grace Fraga; she’s doing BIG things in a real way!

Grace Fraga

Grace Fraga

Grace Fraga is an award-winning actress, comedienne, writer and producer. She has appeared on NBC, A&E, CBS, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, VH-1, Real TV, Univision, Galavision and Telemundo. Her guest starring roles include, “The Steve Harvey Show,” “Gene Simmons Family Jewels,” “Comedy Cage Match,” “FBI Files,” “Mystery ER,” “Killer Outbreaks,” “The First Time” and “North Mission Road.” Grace’s Spanish language credits include “No Me Hallo,” “Accesso Maximo” and “Amor o Mentira,” among others.

Grace is author of “Love at First Ex,” which is a helpful guide on “how to love and manage your exes.” This book is so fabulous, Grace was asked to be a guest on NBC’s “The Steve Harvey Show.” This multi-talented comedienne also created, executive produced and hosted a pilot for PBS. Grace is not just talking about it; she’s doing big things in a real way.

Grace is vibrant, full of fun and laughter and will have you laughing until your sides hurt. She’s a hot, white Latina with a lovable personality that will have you craving more of her funny antics. She’s performed stand-up at The Comedy Store, The Improv, The Laugh Factory, The Ice House, The Comedy Zone, Harrah’s, and Laugh-A-Latte@Hot Java Coffeehouse.

I caught up with Grace at her recent perfomance at Laugh-A-Latte@Hot Java Coffeehouse, in Long Beach. Follow me as we journey through the world of comedienne Grace Fraga.

Renisha Marie: Who is Grace Fraga?

Grace Fraga: Grace Fraga is a white Latina with Neiman Marcus taste and a K-Mart budget. 

Renisha Marie: Tell the world about your book, “Love at First Ex.” 

Grace Fraga: I was a guest on “The Steve Harvey Show” in February of 2013. They had me as a “relationship coach” because of the book I wrote, “Love at First Ex”. It’s a guide on how to love and manage your Exes. The biggest mistake people make is to get rid of them. Don’t! This book will teach you how to use them as resources so that you can turn your life into a Fairy Tale: “Alice in Ex Wonderland.” I also got a development deal from PBS to shoot a pilot for a show. I’m creator, executive producer and host. 

Renisha Marie: When did you know comedy was what you wanted to do? 

Grace Fraga: When I realized how laughter lightens up the load. I love to have fun and laugh. Comedy is my passion. You can’t beat doing what you like and getting paid for it! 

Renisha Marie: Were you always funny? 

Grace Fraga: I was always the life of the party. I was shy, though, until the age of 16. Then fun heaven broke loose and voila! 

Grace Fraga

Grace Fraga

Renisha Marie: What was the best gig you ever performed? 

Grace Fraga: A recent private gig for a trucking association. I had two hot, single guys in the audience competing for my heart. 

Renisha Marie: Who is your favorite comedian of all time? 

Grace Fraga: Wanda Sykes. She’s a brilliant, natural comedian. 

Renisha Marie: Who is your biggest inspiration? 

Grace Fraga: My parents. They turned me into the hyperactive workaholic that I am today. 

Renisha Marie: Tell us about some qualities that a good comedian should have? 

Grace Fraga: Timing, timing, timing. The ability to CONNECT with the audience. 

Renisha Marie: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

Grace Fraga: Embrace the pause. 

Renisha Marie: What advice do you have for aspiring comedians? 

Grace Fraga: Work at your craft. Have passion for comedy. Never give up 

Contact Grace Fraga: 


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Listen to Ne-Yo and McDonald’s Sweltering Crowd Source Lovin’ Anthem

Photo Credit: McDonald's

Photo Credit: McDonald’s

R&B recording artist, Ne-Yo and McDonald’s unite to inspire a Lovin’ Anthem in order to spread more lovin’ throughout the world. Your lyrics, your voice. #Listen #LovinAnthem


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Ne-Yo’s Sweltering New Single and Free Concert in Los Angeles‏


Photo Credit: McDonald's

Photo Credit: McDonald’s

R&B recording artist, Ne-Yo and McDonald’s unite to inspire a Lovin’ Anthem in order to spread more lovin’ throughout the world with a new crowd-sourced song inspired by lyrics from fans.

Submit your lyrics for exclusive access to Ne-Yo’s new track and be one of the first people to hear the Lovin’ Anthem. Submissions must be received before March 18, 2015 at 11:59PM.

Renisha Marie Entertainment LLC.

Renisha Marie Entertainment LLC.

Ne-Yo will debut the fan inspired Lovin’ Anthem live at a free concert in Los Angeles on Tuesday, March 24th at 7 p.m. at The Avalon.

For more information and real-time updates about Ne-Yo’s new single and the free concert, follow @McDonalds.


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Exclusive Interview with Grammy Award Winning Artist L.V.


Photo Credit-LV Facebook

Photo Credit-LV Facebook

When I think of Grammy Award winning artist L.V., I think of the hot hits of Gangsta’s Paradise, Throw Your Hands Up, How Long and I Am L.V., his soulful voice is guaranteed to have you swaying back and forth, as you resonate with his music.

L.V. is back with more hits fans are sure to fall in love with. I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing this lovable Large Variety. Follow me as we journey into the world of Grammy Award winning artist L.V.

Renisha Marie: Who is L.V.?

L.V.: L.V. is a fella with a lot of love in his heart.

Renisha Marie: What does L.V. stand for?

L.V.: L.V. stands for Large Variety.


Photo Credit-LV FaceBook

Photo Credit-LV Facebook

Renisha Marie: How would you describe your music?

L.V.: I would describe my music as soulful.

Renisha Marie: When did you know that music was what you wanted to do?

L.V.: I knew I wanted to sing when I was about eight years old.

Renisha Marie: Who is your favorite singer of all times?

L.V.: My favorite singer of all time is Stevie Wonder.


Photo Credit-LV Facebook

Photo Credit-LV Facebook

Renisha Marie: What was your biggest opportunity in your music career?

L.V.: My biggest opportunity in my music career was when I sung with Stevie Wonder on the AM Awards.

Renisha Marie: Describe how it felt to win a Grammy.

L.V.: It was like being on top of the World.

Renisha Marie: Tell Los Angeles about your new project.

L.V.: My new project is called Feel Me and my new single is called The Art, it’s very R&B soul music.

Renisha Marie: How much creative control do you have over your music?

L.V.: I have all creative control over my music.

Renisha Marie: What has been your biggest challenge?

L.V.: Not following the trend of today’s music.

Renisha Marie: What makes your music stand out from other artist?

L.V.: My music is real heart and soul felt music.

Renisha Marie: What advice do you have for up and coming artist?

L.V.: To up and coming artist please stay true to your music, do you and no matter what keep God first. Know that God gave you a gift and the gift is not yours to keep so spread it all over the world. LV OUT.

Check out L.V.’s hot new single the Art on ITunes:

L.V. on Facebook:

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Exclusive: New Music from Africa’s Finest Bayela Barry (Video)

photo Credit: Bayela Barry Facebook

photo Credit: Bayela Barry Facebook


Bayela Barry is Africa’s finest and he’s taking the hip hop world by storm with his new single “the Largest Jet.” Bayela’s music speaks from the very depths of his soul. He’s letting the world know that he’s here and he’s differentiating his hip hop legacy.

Get ready world because Africa’s Finest has landed with, “the largest jet.”





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Mindy Kaling Wraps Season 3 of the Mindy Project Up with Mc Donald’s Happy Meals for the entire staff

Photo: courtesy of Mc Donald’s

Photo: courtesy of Mc Donald’s

The Emerson Theater in Los Angeles was full of edible surprises last Saturday evening. In celebration of another successful year of the hit television show the Mindy Project; Mindy Kaling, star of the show surprised the show’s writers, cast and crew with Mc Donald’s Happy Meals accompanied by mint flavored Shamrock shakes at the season 3 wrap party.  This isn’t the first time Mindy provided food for staff and crew; she previously treated them to crepes and pizza.

There’s definitely an energy of excitement jumping off on the set of the Mindy Project. Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Scandal and how to Get Away with Murder also hosted a cast and crew get-together with Umami Burger after her appearance on the show.

Congratulations to the entire Mindy Project staff on another triumphant year.


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Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk “Oldtown Cover” ft. Alex Boye’, & The Dancing Grannies (Video)

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