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DAVID BANNER is Walking with Gods in His Latest Film

Walking with Gods

David Banner is Walking With Gods in his latest film which was written, directed and executive produced by the ever-evolving Mr. Banner. Walking With Gods is centered around a super hero, Aket Heru who is a descendent of God who was stripped of his memory; causing Aket to fail to recognize the power that lies within him. Therefore, in order for Aket to activate his supremacy, he must wake up and remember his true identity.

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David Banner took the worlds history and portrayed it across social media via a superhero. Like Aket Heru, you too are derived from a source greater than yourself. You were formed in the very image of the creator of this magical universe.  And, like Walking With Gods, you’ve failed to realize the greatness that lies within YOU. You’re mighty, with the profound ability to speak forth those things that are not, as though they are. Creating is the epitome who you are; this superpower was embedded within you before you were born.

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There’s a conscious vibration spreading throughout the earth causing numerous people to wake up and recall. The truth has been unleased from the dark abyss, providing all those who seek after it with knowledge, empowering them to awaken from their deep sleep. Nevertheless, there are many people in the world who are still slumbering while neglecting their essence.


Walking With Gods is a film designed to enlighten and remind people of the authority that lies within everyone. It’s a call to recollect that you are kings and queens, heir to the the throne of God. Today is the time for you to remember, rise up and walk into your destiny.

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Watch Walking With Gods below and see if it correlates with your life and begin to ask yourself these five questions:

1. Am I waiting for someone to come and save me?

2. What’s stopping me from achieving greatness?

3. Have I forgotten how to tap into the power within myself?

4. Am I defined by folks standards of me?

5. Am I  aware of my God given ability to follow my divine compass within?

Walking With Gods addresses these questions. Watch the film below. Then, take a journey into the mind of David Banner via his interview with Hip Hop since 1987 (HHS1987) and find out why he was inspired to create the story.


Click the link to watch Walking With Gods:

HHS1987 Interview:

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