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DNLdidit and he’s doing it DNL’s way: Interview with Hip Hop Producer DNLdidit

DNLdidit Productions

DNLdidit Productions


DNL is the master mind behind DNLdidit Productions. He’s blazing the Hip Hop trail with his all-around production company. The name DNLdidit made me ponder; “what did DNL do?” I had the pleasure of catching up with DNLdidit and found out what he’s doing; DNL is doing it all, he provides music, videos, news, up and coming artist, comedy, a clothing line and more; it’s a one stop shop providing you with all of your hip-hop entertainment needs.

 Follow me as we journey through the world of DNLdidit.

Renisha Marie: Who is DNL?

DNL: DNL is a Family man. He’s a very humble and hungry individual who loves to assist people with their dreams.

DNLdidit Productions

DNLdidit Productions

Renisha Marie: What inspired you to start DNLdidit Productions?

DNL: The inspiration behind DNLdidit Productions came from my wife. I had an artist by the name of Convinced who I produced songs for, he would say, “DNLdidit, convinced spit it.” So my wife said, “hey that’s catchy, you should name your production company DNLdidit.” I thought it was corny at first but it had a nice ring to it once I kept hearing it. Plus, no one has to ask who did it because it’s in the name. (laugh out loud).

Renisha Marie: You’re CEO of DNLdidit Productions as well as an artist. What projects are you currently working on?

DNL: I have a new project called “Since Birth” which I will be releasing pretty soon on for free. It’s an appreciation CD I’m doing for all the people that support me at whatever I do. I believe that everyone is the CEO of their dreams and everyone else involved are investors of that dream.

Renisha Marie: How would you describe your music?

DNL: I would describe my music as my personal feelings, so, I guess soul music. I don’t make music for the radio or to blend in with what’s popping. I’m not into following what’s going on. I just make it and put it out. You either agree or disagree. I’m more into situations I’ve been through or witnessed. In addition, I do have lyrical bars being that I started as an MC. I have songs to where I’m just tearing the track up.

Renisha Marie: When did you know music was what you wanted to do?

DNL: I knew music was my calling when I wrote my first song in the ninth grade. I took it to my big cousin Gee Rick and he was like you got it! The song was called on like Donkey Kong. He made a track on the spot and we recorded it. I let everyone hear it and everyone loved it and said hey, you need to keep doing this. So I did. Writing was always a getaway for me, an easy way for me to release any emotions I was filled with.

Renisha Marie: What has been your biggest challenge?

DNL: My biggest challenge is being and staying independent. I’ve had offers in every situation I’ve been in. By me being a listener and being shown the industry early by my uncle and big cousin Gee Rick, I studied and learned that the best thing to do is own your art and do with it what you please. Having creative control is the heart and soul of an artist. When that is taken away all you have is a shell. Yes, the money looks better with a big label behind you but you don’t really need one. All you need is the love for your art and the hunger for the business. Artists fail to realize that the selling of anything is a business.

Renisha Marie: What has been your biggest opportunity in your music career?

DNL: My biggest opportunity was when I met Dr. Dre. I met him thru a mutual friend in Hollywood at a party. That was so big to me because he was the great person that I imagined him to be. You hear the horror stories about people meeting their idols and the person is rude and disrespectful. This guy was nice, accepted me and gave me some encouraging words. Shout out to Brian Berc and AC for making that possible. As far as my personal biggest opportunity, it was being able to fund my own projects and put them out independently.

Renisha Marie: What makes your music stand out from other artist?

DNL: I can say my music stands out from others because I’m original to me. I’m organic. I don’t do what everyone else is doing. You may hear a similar situation but the way it’s done is DNL’s way.

DNLdidit Productions

DNLdidit Productions

Renisha Marie: What should the world expect from DNLdidit in the near future?

DNL: Everyone can expect hot new artists that I’m affiliated with. Artist like; 5th Leta, 2Real, Money Hoggs, wE 55, Mack Daughty, Ateez Babeez, K-Duv, and Ydazh from Germany.

I also have a couple of producers that I represent; TNB and Twon on the beat. Superhot producers! They’ll be on the Since Birth CD as well as producing for all upcoming projects. In addition, I also do comedy shows with my cousin Sho Tyme Watkins. This guy is super talented and hands down will be the next big actor in the entertainment industry.

Renisha Marie: What advice do you have for up and coming artist?

DNL: My advice is to stay true to your love for your art and remember that anything you plan on selling is a business. Stay hungry and grounded. DNLdidit OUT!



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