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How Doctor Who gave Peter Capaldi an epic send-off?

Scottish actor Peter Capaldi is leaving the popular UK show Doctor Who and the season 10 finale is his last season finale before his exit in the 2017 Christmas Special. The season finale and the Christmas Special serves as 3 episodes of epic send-off for Peter Capaldi and also the executive producer Steven Moffat. As expected for any send-off finales, the episodes were filled with memorable and emotional moments, showing the best of the Moffat and Capaldi. Here are the ways the show used the finale as an epic send-off for Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat.


There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Doctor loves speeches, and since Peter Capaldi is so brilliant at giving powerful Doctor Who speeches, such as the speech in “The Zygon Inverson” in Season 9 episode 8 about war, the speech he gave to the Masters in the finale was a great way to show Capaldi’s amazing acting skills and a great tool for character development.  In that speech, the Doctor begged the Masters to stay and fight with him. The speech not only showed the Doctor has been doing everything he has done because it’s the right thing to do, but it also showed that Missy, brilliantly acted by actress Michelle Gomez, has indeed changed for the better, as seen by her facial expressions.


Scottish showrunner Steven Moffat is good at creating complicated storylines for the show, and this finale used science and TV magic to make an awesome storyline. Moffat brought us River Song, the Doctor’s wife who experienced time differently than the Doctor and in each meeting with the Doctor, River wrote in her journal to keep track of the Doctor’s timeline.


Moffat is great at creating these complicated storylines and this finale is one of his very best. The whole finale takes place in a spaceship pushing itself slowly away from the blackhole on its tale, and because of gravity, the bottom of the ship experiences time differently than the rest of the ship. Crew members on the bottom of the ship had experienced centuries and actually built a whole new self-efficient civilization within the ship itself.  How much more complicated scientifically could this get?


The last scene of the finale showed the appearance of the first Doctor from the original Doctor Who back in 1963. Both Capaldi’s Doctor and the first Doctor are facing their upcoming regeneration, and the Christmas Special will show them going on an adventure and giving Peter Capaldi a final send-off.


Watch Doctor Who this Christmas for Peter Capaldi’s last episode with the series and first glimpse of the next Doctor.


Written by Curtis Han, RM Entertainment Contributor


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