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Exclusive Interview with Grammy Award Winning Artist L.V.


Photo Credit-LV Facebook

Photo Credit-LV Facebook

When I think of Grammy Award winning artist L.V., I think of the hot hits of Gangsta’s Paradise, Throw Your Hands Up, How Long and I Am L.V., his soulful voice is guaranteed to have you swaying back and forth, as you resonate with his music.

L.V. is back with more hits fans are sure to fall in love with. I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing this lovable Large Variety. Follow me as we journey into the world of Grammy Award winning artist L.V.

Renisha Marie: Who is L.V.?

L.V.: L.V. is a fella with a lot of love in his heart.

Renisha Marie: What does L.V. stand for?

L.V.: L.V. stands for Large Variety.


Photo Credit-LV FaceBook

Photo Credit-LV Facebook

Renisha Marie: How would you describe your music?

L.V.: I would describe my music as soulful.

Renisha Marie: When did you know that music was what you wanted to do?

L.V.: I knew I wanted to sing when I was about eight years old.

Renisha Marie: Who is your favorite singer of all times?

L.V.: My favorite singer of all time is Stevie Wonder.


Photo Credit-LV Facebook

Photo Credit-LV Facebook

Renisha Marie: What was your biggest opportunity in your music career?

L.V.: My biggest opportunity in my music career was when I sung with Stevie Wonder on the AM Awards.

Renisha Marie: Describe how it felt to win a Grammy.

L.V.: It was like being on top of the World.

Renisha Marie: Tell Los Angeles about your new project.

L.V.: My new project is called Feel Me and my new single is called The Art, it’s very R&B soul music.

Renisha Marie: How much creative control do you have over your music?

L.V.: I have all creative control over my music.

Renisha Marie: What has been your biggest challenge?

L.V.: Not following the trend of today’s music.

Renisha Marie: What makes your music stand out from other artist?

L.V.: My music is real heart and soul felt music.

Renisha Marie: What advice do you have for up and coming artist?

L.V.: To up and coming artist please stay true to your music, do you and no matter what keep God first. Know that God gave you a gift and the gift is not yours to keep so spread it all over the world. LV OUT.

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