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Happy National Creamsicle Day!


Happy National Creamsicle Day! August 14th is the day to celebrate your love for the classic Creamsicle. Breyers Blast® has presented the world with a fun way to celebrate the timeless orange Creamsicle.  A treat that takes you back to being a kid again.


Breyers nailed it! It’s not just ice cream.  It’s orange Creamsicle ice cream!  The delicious flavors of refreshing orange sherbet swirled with creamy vanilla caused an explosion to occur in my mouth.  Its mouth- wateringly delicious.   So scrumptious I had to have more. It took me to my happy place as my taste buds danced the night away.


You too can join in on the festivities by celebrating with a bowl of Breyers orange Creamsicle. Who could resist? It’s an outrageously delicious combo that will have your mouth screaming for more.  Your taste buds will thank you.  Cheers to National Creamsicle Day!

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