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Interview with Actor James Salsman

James Salsman is an actor whose star is steady rising. He’s an Army Veteran whose passion for acting took him beyond the front lines to Hollywood California. His vigor earned him a spot in front of the camera; his filmography consists of “Caliber,” “Givit Wednesday,” “Banana to Papaya,” and “Presence” to name a few.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with James about his acting career in addition to some of the obstacles he overcame in order to set his star ablaze.  Join me, as we take a glimpse into the life of actor James Salsman.


Renisha Marie: Who is James Salsman?


James Salsman: I am a person who has triumphed and overcame many road blocks in life. Someone who has pushed through while keeping a positive attitude which in turn has brought positive results.


Renisha Marie: What projects are you working on?


James Salsman: I currently have a lead role in a pilot being submitted to Hulu, Netflix, HBO and a few other big broad casting stations. I’m also the marketing Director for 1 Empire Production; a company whose strategy is to take over Los Angeles and revive 90’s Hip Hop while facilitating venues for A-listers in addition to disseminating our clothing Line, marketing our comedy skit show and producing block buster scripts.

Renisha Marie: What inspired your passion for acting?


James Salsman: I was bit by the acting bug when I was a child. However, growing up in Arkansas, I didn’t live in an area where I had access to mentors who could educate me on acting. It wasn’t until the Army stationed me in California that a friend invited me to be a back ground actor in a pilot; a military flash back scene. This filled a hole I had in my soul for years. I’m thankful for the time I invested in my military career, nevertheless, it wasn’t my passion.


Renisha Marie: You recently attended the Oscars, what was that experience like?


James Salsman: I’ve attended the Golden Globes two years in a row, the Emmy’s and a Red Carpet event for the Oscars. I have to tell you that seeing everyone earn an award  inspired me; I picture myself being up there.


Renisha Marie:  How do you manage a busy career and make time for your family?


James Salsman: Its not easy. It’s tough. I end up not having time and apologizing a lot while conveying to my family that everything will pay off in the end. Whenever I have time off I take my family out to dinner, a movie, or we’ll go to an amusement park.



Renisha Marie: What are some obstacles, if any, did you have to overcome along your acting journey?


James Salsman: When I first started acting I was still on active duty. Therefore, I put in the paperwork to come off active duty but was ridiculed and belittled by my Battalion Commander at the time. It was hard to find time to act while under contract with the Army.

Renisha Marie: What advice do you have for aspiring actors/actresses?


James Salsman: Start your acting resume and educate yourself on what agencies and talent managers to trust and use.


Follow James Salsman:

Twitter: @madmaxxx69

IG: james_w_salsman

LinkedIn: James Salsman

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