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Interview with Joy Bauer; America’s Favorite and Most Trusted Nutrition Expert (Video)


Joy Bauer is founder of Joy Bauer Nutrition Centers and is the nutrition expert on the Today Show. Joy is a #1 New York Times bestselling author as well as America’s favorite and most trusted nutrition expert. Follow me as we journey through the world of Joy Bauer.


Renisha Marie: Let’s begin by discussing your affiliation with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! And Country Crock. How did the union come about?


Joy Bauer: I joined forces with them to try and help clear up all the confusion around fat.  Meaning good fat verses bad fat. Margarine verses buttery spreads. I was really happy to do that because obviously I’m a fan of the product. And also what’s really cool; what you need to know is that they reformulated all of their buttery spreads.  It’s a clean wholesome plant based oil. There’s no partially hydrogenated oils. There’s no trans-fat. The other nice part is that its sixty calories per tablespoon verses one-hundred calories per butter. Coming from the camp of everybody trying to snip calories and trim things down but still maintain great flavor and a clean texture of butter it’s sort of like a no brainer.


Renisha Marie: You launched your own food line, Nourish Snacks, which delivers nutritious snacks to your client’s home or office. What was your motivation behind NourishSnacks.com?


Joy Bauer: Well, first we actually are rolling out in retail now. We sell them online but we also launched in Starbucks. We’re rolling out fast and furiously.  The reason I picked snacks is that it tends to be the thing that everybody is tripped up on and I always wanted to come up with a line that covered any craving any mood; sweet, salty, chewy or crunchy. It was sort of a one stop shopping. You don’t even have to even flip over the label because everything was done for you.  Their purposely portioned control. Their under two-hundred calories. Their gluten free. Their dairy free. Their wholesome. Their energizing. They don’t have any artificial ingredients at all.  I’ve been working on it for about three years.


Renisha Marie: I love it. It’s snaking with no worries. Awesome.


Joy Bauer:  Exactly. I’m going to have to borrow that tag line.


Renisha Marie: Go right on ahead (laughter commences). You are New York Times Bestselling author of Your Inner Skinny; please tell us what inspired you to write such an amazing book?


Joy Bauer:  Awe thank you.


Renisha Marie: You’re welcome.


Joy Bauer:  I think that everybody should really feel comfortable in their own skin. Truly, anybody can lose weight and better their health and increase their energy. It’s just really a matter of having a manageable and realistic script with a lot of versatility so that you can make it your own.


Renisha Marie: School is officially in session and life is hectic for a lot of parents out there.  Please provide parents with tips on how to keep their children eating right amidst frantic school schedules.


Joy Bauer:  That’s the million dollar question.  I think most importantly monkey see monkey do.  You have to be a healthy role model.  What I always tell parents is control what you can control and lay off what you can’t control. You don’t want to turn into a food Nazi. You don’t want to make your kids crazy and you don’t want them to rebel. So what can you control? Well, you can certainly bring smart foods into the house. There’s no reason to have soda. You can certainly get any of the flavored non-chloric seltzers.  Instead of whole fat cheese buy reduced fat cheese. You can easily make lean turkey tacos and turkey burgers and things like that. Also, limit the snacks that you have in the house because the more variety you have the more kids tend to eat.


There’s a lot of easy things you can do as a parent to get your kids eating well without a lot of stress.  Go out of your way to make dinner as often as possible verses popping something in the microwave or driving through a fast food chain. One of the easiest things you can do is to have five go to meals on automatic pilot that you can whip up in less than fifteen minutes. It doesn’t have to be gourmet. It can be a spinach turkey burger on whole grain bread with crunchy baby carrots or like a whole grain hamburger bun. It could be an open faced grilled cheese with sliced tomato and a cup of vegetable soup.  Just make your list and put them down on paper.  That can be incredibly helpful. I think a lot of the reasons why we turn to these convenience foods that are not so healthy is because we’re over scheduled and their engrained in our memory; verses just reprograming ourselves a little bit so that we make the healthy choice the easy choice.


Renisha Marie: How do you manage a busy career, make time for your family, as well as incorporate health and fitness into your life?


Joy Bauer:  It’s priority. For me, it’s always right in the front of my mind. I plan when I’m going to exercise and work out. I plan what I’m going to be making for dinner the following week. In all honesty, it doesn’t always work out perfectly. But I think when you give yourself a roadmap your fifty percent ahead of the game. As parents we have to be forgiving. You have to forgive yourself. Fifty to seventy percent of the time give yourself a pat on the back.


Renisha Marie: What are some things we can do to help reduce or daily calorie intake?


Joy Bauer:  The first thing I would say is to start with a high protein breakfast. If you eat protein in the morning it helps to energize you. It helps to wake up your brain cells but it also helps to control your appetite during the am hours so you’re less apt to over eat at lunch or grab a lot of snacks in the morning. It could be a Greek yogurt with a banana. Maybe one whole egg scrambled with two egg whites. You can add in spinach or chopped tomatoes. That’s actually a great tip. If you add in a teaspoon of the soft buttery spread it makes the eggs fluffier. I love that actually, and then I have it with a toasted whole grain English muffin.


Those are just some ideas that will increase your protein so that it helps to control your appetite. I think also when it comes to lunch when you’re getting sandwiches, instead of having a big fluffy roll you can go to an opened face sandwich on one slice of bread. If you have to have a roll, gently scoop out the inside dough and discard it. You still have the feeling of eating an oversized sandwich but you save yourself a lot of unnecessary starch. Another good tip is to drink two glasses of water before each meal. It helps to fill you up a little bit so you wind up eating less as a meal. Lastly, start your dinner with a non-starchy vegetable first course. That can be a salad with some light salad dressing or it can be a handful of cherry tomatoes. The reason is because between the water, fiber and the vegetables it starts to expand in your stomach. It takes the edge off your hunger so you’re less likely to overeat at dinner.


Renisha Marie: Tailgating is officially in season.  What are some healthy alternatives for pre-game snacks?


Joy Bauer:  Fun dips like salsa, humus, and guacamole always works. Carrots, celery, broccoli and cauliflower florets. Instead of hot dogs I would do lean turkey sausages. Instead of fatty steaks or ribs I would marinate chicken breast on the grill and you can have that as a sandwich. Turkey burgers are wonderful. Also, instead of greasy bags of chips you can bring lots and lots of fruit but also bags of popcorn. Of course Nourish Snacks works perfectly.   



Renisha Marie: Please tell your fans something fun or funny about yourself that many people may not know.


Joy Bauer:  I’m addicted to criminal shows. Law and Order, Criminal Minds and Cold Case. I use to be in a rock band in high school and in college I played the key board.


Renisha Marie: That is so fabulous! Who would have known? I love it.


Joy Bauer: That’s actually a fun question.

What I always tell parents is control what you can control and lay off what you can’t control. Click To Tweet

Watch the full interview by clicking the link below.

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