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Interview with Fashion Stylist Marcy Guevara

Marcy Guevara

Marcy Guevara

Marcy Guevara is a plus-size-style expert who loves helping women of all shapes and sizes put vitality into their lives through fashion. She has a zeal for helping women feel good and confident in their skin.

Appearing on VH1’s second season of “You’re Cut Off” as the resident plus-sized princess, Marcy is the newest style correspondent for Rachael Ray. Marcy can also be seen hosting Marie Claire’s Big Girl in a Skinny World.

Bold, passionate, beautiful and confident with a passion of helping women, Marcy has a flair for fashion and is igniting the industry with her love for it.

Follow me as we journey through the world of fashion stylist Marcy Guevara.

Marcy Guevara

Marcy Guevara

Renisha Marie: Tell the world about your current projects.


Marcy Guevara: Currently, I post videos on my channel,, and outfit posts on my blog. I am also developing a series with Lane Bryant, among other things! I do personal styling as well as on-set styling and keep very busy within the plus-size and fashion communities here in LA.


Renisha Marie: What inspired your passion for fashion?


Marcy Guevara: Barbie was my first love as a child. Dressing her up in fabulous outfits was my favorite pastime. It wasn’t until I began working in fashion that I realized I have always loved it. I have never considered myself a fashionista. My degree is in broadcast journalism. I am a television host. I can talk about anything.

Fashion is what has emerged as a theme for me and I have done everything to learn it. Style is something you have innately, but fashion can be learned. I love that what I do helps women feel confident in the skin they’re in. It is so much more than fashion. I want to encourage women not to be limited by size or budget and work on themselves from the outside in.


Renisha Marie: What has been your biggest challenge?


Marcy Guevara: There are so many exciting challenges that come with what I do. It can often be challenging to get a client to try something new and out of their box. My greatest accomplishment is seeing someone feel amazing in a garment they would’ve never dared to try before.


Renisha Marie: What has been your greatest achievement in the fashion world?


Marcy Guevara: Establishing myself as an expert and influencer has been a great accomplishment. When I hit the plus-size scene, I was new and no one knew what to think of me. I believe that people understand me now and know I am here to stay.


I would encourage anyone entering into a new industry to stick it out and commit to your new endeavor. I was so out of my element at first, but worked on my own confidence and love that I have become a leader within this industry; not for my ego, but for all the women who relate to me and are inspired to dress up because of what they see me try.


Renisha Marie: What should we expect from Marcy Guevara in the near future?


Marcy Guevara: Great things!!


Renisha Marie: What motivates you?


Marcy Guevara: I am motivated by the comments, feedback, and positive affirmations that I receive from the women, who watch my videos and read my blog, around the world. Their newfound confidence motivates me and keeps me going.


Marcy Guevara

Marcy Guevara

Renisha Marie: What separates you from other fashion stylists?


Marcy Guevara: I believe there is room for us all, but I think my style is unique and I am always willing to try something new. I love morphing my look, preppy one day, glam the next. There are so many fashion stylists and bloggers in the plus-size world, I think it is important for women to find someone whose body they can relate to, whose style is interesting and who they are inspired by!


Contact Marcy Guevara:

Official website:


Twitter: @themarcyminute


                                    Watch Marcy Guevara on the Real. Click the video below.



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