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Kaitlin Olson wraps up The Mick season 1 in the sweetest way possible

The new Fox show, The Mick, was renewed on February 21. Sometime last week, the season was wrapped. The cast shared the news on social media, thanking everyone involved for a great first season. Thomas Barbusca, who plays Chip, wrote on instagram,

“Season wrapped. you guys have no clue how much I love these guys. The cast and crew. They are literally my family and the best damn people in the world. I’ve learned so much from everyone, I would do anything for these guys. I’m just really happy they let me be a part of their show ✊🏼#themick”

Leading lady, Kaitlin Olson, has a different way in mind to wrap up the season. According to Sofia Black-D’Elia’s instagram, Kaitlin wrote a message to the cast and crew, saying,

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing up every day in great moods, ready to work hard and play hard. I am so grateful to each one of you for the support and hard work it took to make a show I am incredibly proud of. With deep appreciation and gratitude, Kaitlin.”

At the end of the message, it says,

“In the spirit of inclusion, equality and love, a donation has been made in your name to the ACLU.”

Her donation will be helping the American Civil Liberties Union to fight for people’s liberty across the country.

D’Elia wrote on instagram about the donation,

“I have the best boss lady around. Thank you @kaitlinolson for the perfect wrap gift and an amazing first season.”

Olson responded in the comments,

“Love you, sweet thing.”

With this much love between the cast members, we have no doubt the second season is going to be even better than the first!

Written by: Curtis Han, RM Entertainment Contributor

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