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Photo Credit: Laura Michelle

Photo Credit: Laura Michelle

WATCH Laura Michelle’s sizzling new music video Chuck Norris!

Last year, the Los Angeles singer-songwriter Laura Michelle wrote a song about an iconic legend and this year, she invited him to star in her debut music video, Chuck Norris which OK Magazine deemed, the “Song of the Summer.”

Laura’s inspiration behind Chuck Norris derives from her relationship with her father, which the two of them spent quality time watching Norris’ Walker, Texas Ranger. A tragic unfolding occurred at the age of 15, when Laura lost her beloved father, forcing her to deal with a perplexing agony; too much for a fifteen-year-old to have to bear. Nevertheless, Laura fearlessly unleashed the kung-fu master within herself and allowed destiny to unfold throughout her life. Part of her destiny is harmonizing to the world on how to set free the kung-fu master living deep down within us all.

The trendy inspirational anthem created a huge buzz and caught the attention of the heroic legend Chuck Norris himself who is also featured in the video; the iconic master martial artist looks stimulating, robust, and suave.  But don’t take my word for it. Check out the video yourself and watch Laura Michelle and Chuck Norris in action.

Songstress Laura Michelle delivers this summer’s sweltering single, “Chuck Norris” which is… Click To Tweet


Photo Credit: Laura Michelle

Photo Credit: Laura Michelle


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