For the Love of Felicia

For the Love of Felicia (Part 2)

In fact, Felicia Daniels was quite beautiful. She was about 5’9”, weighing 160 pounds, with the smoothest dark, brown skin ever. She had the ability to mesmerize everyone with her brown hazel eyes. As slim as Felicia was, she still had a nice, round booty that was just right for squeezing. Though Felicia had natural hair, she sometimes wore wigs to switch up her style, depending on how she was feeling.

As much as Jessica Acosta boosted the ego of her friend, Felicia, she was just as stunning. Jessica, a native Cuban who came to the United States with her family at the young age of two years, had a smooth skin tone that was just as chocolatey rich as that of Felicia’s. They could, and often did, pass for sisters. Jessica was only a few inches shorter, standing at 5’7”, and also slim, weighing about 150 pounds. Her glass, brown eyes were as hypnotic as watching a pendulum. Jessica never covered her natural afro that she wore in various styles.

“Jessica, stop gassing me up!” Felicia said playfully. “You know them men folk be coming after you just as hard. Stop acting like you’re an old maid. We are the same darn age and I’m definitely not an old maid!”

“Now, I never said all that,” Jessica responded laughing, “but a kid will do that to you. You end up putting so much energy into making sure he is good, that you have no time for the games or trying to figure out if the relationship will be worth it.”

“You’re a great mother who deserves to have someone take care of you. Jacob is lucky to have you as his mother. Now get him a man to be around on a regular basis.”

“Girl, please! I will not find someone just to appease society and their version of a complete family. Jacob has plenty of uncles in his life who are doing well in showing his eight-year old butt how to be a man. Better that, then being stuck with the wrong man.”

Rolling her eyes, Felicia said, “You really had to throw that in there. I get it, girl, I do. Deep down, I know that I’m in one of those stereotypical hood relationships. Give me time to let go. I will when I’m ready.”

“I’m here for you no matter what you decide to do. Always remember that TJ is counting on you to make good decisions for his life.”

“I know, I know. Now can we talk about something else? All this relationship mess has me feeling some kind of way.”

Excited, Jessica exclaimed, “A great idea! And I have another wonderful idea! We should go out! When is the last time we went out? Go listen to some soca, reggaeton, afrobeat, something. We are in Miami where life never stops! Let’s live!”

Trying to match Jessica’s excitement, Felicia said, “It sounds good to me! But wait, what about the boys?”

“You know TJ can go to my mom’s house with Jacob. My lil sister will help out. We can take her shopping for payment.”

“Ok, but what about…”

Cutting off Felicia in mid-sentence, Jessica said, “What about what? How about what about nothing? You aren’t worrying about Terrence because he isn’t worrying about you. TJ will be fine at my mom’s. All you have to do is find something to wear, pack a bag and come with me. You’re staying at my house tonight.”


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Written by Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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