For the Love of Felicia

For the Love of Felicia (Part 5)

Once their food arrived, the two best friends headed to Jessica’s house. After devouring their Cuban feast, the two reminisced about the past and dreamed about the future. By the time the sun rose, Jessica and Felicia had finished a bottle of wine and quite a bit of junk food, to include Doritos and Goobers. As the rest of Miami was waking up to start a new day, they fell asleep to rest from a long night.

Waking up in the late afternoon, the woman felt more refreshed than hung over from their night of drinking. Jessica was ready to start harassing Felicia again on her intentions with Sergio. “What you gonna do with that fine man, Felicia?”

“Dang, you can’t even let me go a day without bothering me about him? He was very nice on the eyes though!”

Sergio stood at about 6’2”, with very fair skin and light brown eyes. From a distance, he could pass for being white. His hair was cut in a taper fade, showing off his thick, curly, reddish-brown hair; it showed proof of his African ancestry. Sergio’s body told the story of a man who spent some time in the gym, working on his chiseled physique. Sergio could have been on the cover of GQ from his looks alone.

“So when are you going to call him?” Jessica asked.

“Ok, you know I ain’t thirsty like that! Maybe I will answer when he calls,” Felicia responded while rolling her eyes.

“Dealing with Terrence, you need to be thirsty!”

“Shut up, Jess! But I see your point.”

“What you got planned for the rest of your weekend, besides waiting on Sergio’s call?”

“Haha, you are so funny! I don’t even know. Terrence will probably stop by. Other than that, whatever is whatever.” Sighing, Felicia went on to say, “I know that I do need to get up right now though, get little man together and make my way back home. That means that you need to get up too since you’re my ride.”

“Well, in that case, we should take the kids to get some dinner before I fulfill my chauffeur duties and take you home.”

“If there’s food involved, you know I’m down!”

On their way to get something to eat, Felicia checked her phone for the first time since last night. “Oh lawd! Jessica, I think I’m going to need to go straight home!”

Concerned, Jessica asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Terrence has been blowing me up since this morning. He even went by the house and of course I wasn’t there. Girl, you know he is mad as hell right now!” Felicia was nervous and fidgeting in her seat at this point.

“Look, I need you to calm down. If Terrence is already mad, then he will continue to be mad. We are still going to get something to eat because the boys have to eat. That will give you time to relax before having to deal with his dumb tail.”

“Jessica, you my sis and everything, but I’m not trying to get you involved with my mess. This is something that I have to deal with for real this time.”

“Exactly! I’m your sis so I will be there for you no matter what the issue is. Like I said, let’s feed the boys then we will go to your house. By then, he may not even be there. Until then, don’t even respond to him.”

“Trust me, I’m not!”


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Written by Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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