For the Love of Felicia

For the Love of Felicia (Part 6)

While Felicia entered her home, Jessica waited outside with their baby boys. Even though there was no sign of Terrence’s car, that didn’t mean that he wasn’t parked around the corner; he had done that before. Felicia could only hope that he wasn’t there. Terrence has a tendency to have a temper if things were not going his way. Felicia not responding to him would most certainly be something not going his way.

As Felicia slowly walked inside, she called out for Terrence. “Terrence, are you here? Terrence…”

Even though she heard nothing, Felicia continued to look around her home. Her bedroom was the last place that she needed to check. About to breathe a sigh of relief as she was standing in her room, Terrence stepped out from the master bathroom, almost scaring her to death.

“Where the hell have you been?” Terrence yelled at the frightened Felicia.

Stuttering, Felicia barely responded, “I…I…I was out with Jessica. I stayed the night…”

Before Felicia could finish, Terrence lunged forward and slapped Felicia on the left side of her face. “Nah, you were out with another dude! There is no way you would ignore my calls if you were just with Jessica! I already told you about disrespecting me!” Terrence continued to yell, ignoring the fact that Felicia was crying and that the whole left side of her face was starting to puff up.

“Terrence, baby, you know I would never mess around on you! Baby, please! I promise you that I was with Jessica!” Felicia pleaded between tears.

“And where the hell is my son? I know you didn’t have him around someone else!” Terrence seemed to be ignoring everything that Felicia was saying to him.

“He is outside with Jessica. I will tell her to go so we can talk. Let me straighten this out with you!”

“Nah, go get my son and tell her to get on! She was probably helping you cheat on me. We both know how she feels about me!”

“Terrence, please! It would be better if it was just me and you here!”

“Alright, alright! Cuz, clearly, I need to make you understand how important it is to respect me!” Before Felicia could get out of the room, Terrence grabbed her by the neck, with both of his hands, applying enough pressure to make it difficult for her to breathe. “And you better not do anything crazy like call the police on me when you go out there! In fact, I will be right there with you! Let’s go!”

Terrence took Felicia by the arm and practically dragged her to the door. Not passing the threshold, Terrence waved to Jessica as he maintained his grip on Felicia’s arm. “Hey, Jessica, how are you doing?” he asked sounding genuinely interested.

Hesitantly, Jessica responded, “I’m good. Are you guys ok?”

“Yeah, girl,” said Felicia calmly, “you know we have some things to talk about, but we are good. Would you mind taking TJ back home with you? I can pick him up tomorrow, if that’s not a problem.”

“You know I got lil TJ. I got you too, Felicia. Just let me know!” Jessica exclaimed with a little edge to her voice this time. She wasn’t stupid and knew that something was wrong with her friend.

“We’re good, Jessica. I will call you later and come by tomorrow.”

Before Jessica could respond, Terrence pulled Felicia back into the house and shut the door. Felicia knew that the night was just getting started with Terrence. She didn’t know how much longer she could take his antics. If she survived the night, Felicia was finally going to have to do something for her and her son’s sake.


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Written by Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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