For the Love of Felicia

For the Love of Felicia (Part 9)

The much anticipated weekend was here! Felicia and Jessica were preparing themselves for their double date at Jessica’s house, as had become their “going out” routine. This saved time and allowed the women to talk and pre-game before their escapade. By preparing at Jessica’s house, they also had no worry of watching the children, because Jessica’s mother automatically took over their care.

“What do you think Sergio’s friend looks like?” Felicia curiously asked Jessica.

“Girl, I’m sure he is as fine as Sergio so I don’t even care! You shouldn’t either; this night is about you having a good time with a real man!”

“I don’t know, Jessica,” Felicia responded doubtfully. “I mean, what do I really know about him?”

“Stop worrying so much! You know enough to know that he’s a gentleman and went out of his way to make sure you were comfortable going out with him. How many guys do you know who willingly take extra baggage on first dates?”

“You do make a good point. See, that’s why we’re such great friends!” Felicia laughed.

So that the women would feel even more at ease, Sergio suggested that they all meet at the restaurant that was also a night club. It was located along South Beach in Miami. The restaurant had been in business for a little over a year and was doing extremely well! It was known for having famous dj’s and live bands that played a mix of hip-hop, soul, and Latin music from all around the Caribbean. Aside from great music, some of their food dishes had been featured on various food networks. Not too shabby for a first date!

When arriving at the night club, the women, both dressed in colorful tops, with skin-tight jeans, and stiletto heels, that accentuated the strength in their calves, were greeted by the two finest gentlemen there. Sergio and his friend literally looked like night and day walking side by side. The women were so drawn into the sexy specimens before their eyes, that their mouths were agape. Luckily, there weren’t any flies around!

Sergio spoke first saying, “Good evening beautiful queens!” As he spoke, he leaned and placed a soft kiss on Felicia’s cheek while handing her a single, long-stemmed, red rose. Pointing to his friend, Sergio stated, “And this is my friend Kalief. Kalief meet Felicia and Jessica.”

Felicia took in all of Sergio’s masculine handsomeness. Sergio was about 6’2” tall. At closer inspection, Felicia compared his complexion to the soft color of jojoba butter. He had an athletic build that was making his arms beautifully stretch the bicep area of his button-down shirt.

As Sergio had given Felicia a rose, Kalief handed Jessica a small bouquet of colorful flowers that actually went with her outfit. In a deep baritone voice, Kalief said, “Nice to meet you! And you, Jessica, Sergio did you no justice when he attempted to describe your vibe!”

Blushing and smiling, Jessica responded, “Thank you, Kalief! If it makes you feel any better, I had no idea what you looked like. So seeing you is a delicious treat to my eyes!”

Kalief could have been the twin of Kofi Siriboe! He had deep brown skin that was as smooth as pressed almond butter. Kalief stood about 6’3”, which complimented Jessica’s natural height of 5’7” that she increased with the stilettos. Together, they looked like a Paris magazine cover.

Breaking the flirting session, Felicia spoke, “Look, we are all beautiful kings and queens. Even kings and queens need to eat and enjoy themselves!” Upon Felicia speaking, the double-daters entered their destination to see what was in store.

Written by Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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