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These two members of the exceptionally talented team from behind and in front of the camera for the breakaway digital series, Compersion, stopped in Atlanta, Georgia last week to meet with supporters from the Black & Poly (polyamory) Facebook group ( and its local Meetup chapter, along with two secret, black polyamory groups based there. Compersion, the first project of Jackie J. Stone’s year-old Enchant TV network, is about a family’s struggles in opening its marriage to outside love interests. Open relationships have been on the media radar for the last few years with ‘Big Love’ and ‘Polyamory: Married and Dating’ introducing audiences en masse to polygamy (Big Love) and polyamory (the latter) as representatives of consensual non-monogamy. Ms. Stone shared these thoughts with RM Entertainment exclusively:

It was an amazing experience meeting the fans and friends of Enchant TV & Compersion.  We couldn’t have asked for more gracious hosts nor a more supportive community. As the series creator, it was a very rewarding experience to see how the series has impacted our viewers, and that our audience is eager for a Season 2. I hope to engage with our audience more and hope to do a Compersion tour.

Jackie J. Stone and Derrick LeMont talk Season 2 of Compersion:

Here’s Season I, episode 1 of Compersion, featuring stars Derrick LeMont and Jammie Patton:

Jackie J. Stone IMDb:

Derrick LeMont’s demo reel (2014, so it excludes his appearances in 2016’s made-for-television Anita Hill movie, ‘Confirmation,’ and in this year’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’):

Derrick LeMont:



Photo Credit: Facebook, Arghavan Agida

The Iranian-Swedish singer, womanist, author, and U

nited Nations Goodwill Ambassador to Sweden released her newest single, Zan, coinciding with International Women’s Month and the publication of her book Zan (Woman). On March 9th, Agida posted this message to her Facebook page (and I have a special thank you to Dr. Nina Ansary for highlighting inspirational Iranian women, which introduced me to Arghavan):  

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank everyone who has been a part of this project! It took 9 months to collect videos from strong and inspirational women from all around the world! Unfortunately, everyone could not be in the video but you are all equally valuable. It involves a couple of my favorite artists from Sweden to my heroes from oppressed countries fighting each day for their goals and dreams. I made this video to represent strength, empowerment, love and courage and with that we can all make a change!

Lyric: @padide_neishaboori

arrangement/production: Johan Moberg

music: Erwin Khachikian
Video: me💙








The celebrated author glides up from his 2015 PEN American Center Prize for the autobiographical ‘Filthy,’ written under his legal name, Isiko Cooks, and the critical success of his novel, ‘Domina: Submission Is A Privilege,’ based on the sessions of real-life dominatrix, Regina Bolton, known professionally as Goddess Jay. Mack, a prolific writer, released his 18th novel last week. Reprising a recurring, popular character in previous novels, ‘Ayana: The Return’ packs sizzle unbound and unrestrained. Immediate reviews are typical…and encouraging. The 47-year-old wordsmith promises to return respect to the art of urban literature. See for yourself:




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The vivacious life coach, author, motivational speaker, and featured teacher on the bestselling ‘The Secret,’ made a startling revelation from the stage recently. Lisa’s unexpected phone call at the close of her presentation, with over 600 people in the live audience and another 400 or so watching online, brought both audiences to cheers amid complete surprise with the disclosure that was over 20 years in coming. Feast:

Written by: Kato Cooks, RM Entertainment Contributor


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