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The Realist fitness show you’ll watch this year! From the creative mind of MAX The Body PHILISAIRE

Finally! The Realist fitness show you’ll watch this year. There’s a new fitness sheriff in town famously known as Max The Body Philisaire. His passion for life and film stirred him to create the worlds most sizzling reality fitness sensation to hit the planet. A show designed for those who are mind, body and soul oriented. Even if you’re not into health and fitness, this show will make you want to get out there and move your physique!  The Realist is a reality program which provides fans with an up-close and personal look inside the life of one of the worlds most celebrated fitness expert.


Max The Body is a Hattian native whose passion for vitality runs deep; as far back to the age of ten-years-old when he was first introduced to fitness. Inspired by his older brother, at an early age Max knew fitness was his objective. Today, he’s sharing his passion with the world via The Realist, which is jammed packed with advice and tips on how to push through your work out limitations. The Realist takes you on a journey into Max The Body’s fitness regimen; viewers will receive a glimpse into the quality of company he elects to keep as he introduces his audience to fitness trainers, models, artist, entertainers and filmmakers positioned in Los Angeles, California while focusing on his day-to-day routine. Finally, The Realist fitness show you’ll watch this year! A show designed for YOU. Check out The Realist below.

Finally, The Realist fitness show you’ll watch this year! A show designed for YOU. Click To Tweet

THE REALIST | RUNYON CANYON IS LIFE | Max The Body Philisaire & Pierre Abena SE01, EP.03

THE REALIST | BRIT IN LA | MUSIC INDUSTRY | Max The Body Philisaire & Nisha Kelly SE01, EP.02

THE REALIST | THE ROOF IS ON FIRE | Max The Body Philisaire, SE01, EP.01 2017

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