Status...It's Complicated

Status…It’s Complicated (Part 1)

“Well, what happened? How did it go?” asked Natasha.

“Nothing worth talking about. Once again, the school budget seems to be out of the hands of anyone I talk to. No one can help me get the money that my school needs,” responded Toni, sounding exasperated.

Trying to sound reassuring, Natasha said, “Babe, you will get the help that you need. You’re a great principal and the school loves you.”

“Love isn’t getting me the funding I need,” replied Toni.

“I get it, but be patient. You have only been the principal at DuBois High for a year now. If it weren’t for you, the school wouldn’t have half of the things they have now. You got the sports teams new uniforms, new computers for the library…relax a little.”

“Yeah, and most of that came from my bank account.”

“It’s OUR bank account!” exclaimed Natasha. “Don’t get it twisted because my name is on OUR account. So I helped you pay for all of that stuff.”

“Whatever, Tasha!” Toni said as she rolled her eyes. “We know what’s what. I really don’t need you pointing it out every time I say something about money.”

“I was making sure you didn’t forget. That’s all. Don’t you want to go out and have some drinks, maybe meet up with some friends…something to make you relax a little? You stay on edge when it comes to your school.”

“A drink or two or three does sound good. And not because I’m on edge because I’m not! I need to take a shower and change these clothes.”

Toni Cook, a 36 year old 5’10”, brown-skinned, athletic framed, Black woman, was dressed in her work clothes, which usually consisted of slim-fitting dress slacks, button-down shirts, and colorful blazers. From time to time, she would even through on a bowtie. She kept her hair cut short, cut into a wavy fade, with some honey-brown streaks highlighting its black color.

As Toni walked out of the living room to head upstairs to their bedroom, Natasha followed behind and continued to talk. “Ummm, yeah you are on edge. Every single day it’s something new or the same thing. I don’t know why you didn’t take the job at the private school. At least they have money so there would be none of this worrying.”

“That’s exactly why I didn’t take the job there,” Toni stated as she stopped in her tracks. “I need to be somewhere I can make a difference. Nothing will change if people continue to turn their backs on us.”

“Toni, it’s not that serious. You really do need to relax.”

“Not that serious to you, the White girl who has lived a privileged life.”

“See, I don’t even know why you feel that’s even relevant. First of all, I’m not even all White. Second of all, you love me so there is something about my privileged ass that got your attention.”

Natasha Springfield was a 5’6”, well-toned, 38 year old woman, mixed with Black and Irish. Her face was decorated with freckles on a light brown background. Natasha’s hair was a brownish curly mane, with afro characteristics, that reached the middle of her back.

“Yeah, you know why I fell in love with you!” Toni said as she grabbed Natasha by the waste and pulled her close. “Show me again why. Sometimes I need to be reminded, especially when you getting’ on my nerves.”

“You’re such a fuckin’ freak!” Natasha smiled as she embraced Toni too. “We don’t have to go anywhere tonight. We have liquor here and I can make you relax.”

“That’s fine with me,” Toni responded as she let go of Natasha’s waist to take hold of her hand and lead her to the bedroom.

Tune in next week for Part 2 of, Status…It’s Complicated.
Written by Dani Powell

First of all, I’m not even all White. Second of all, you love me so there is something about my... Click To Tweet

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