Status...It's Complicated

Status…It’s Complicated (Part 10)

As Toni moved out of the way for the law enforcement officers to come through the front door, Natasha was being ushered back into the living room by more officers. “What did you do, Natasha?” Toni was pleading to know.

“All that I did, I did for us, baby! I told you that I love you and would do anything for us! Do you believe me now?” Natasha asked looking a bit deranged.

One of the plain clothes officers removed the now crying Devin from her arms before placing her in handcuffs and reading Natasha her rights. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. Do you understand these rights?”

Natasha whispered, “Yes.”

“Natasha, what did you do? Did you kill Bryan?” Toni begged to know.

Softly, Natasha responded, “I didn’t kill him, but I did make him suffer.” Natasha started to laugh.

One of the officers explained to Toni that some of the charges against Natasha were kidnapping and assault and battery. Apparently, after Natasha physically satisfied herself and Bryan, she drugged him just enough so that he couldn’t fight back. Once he was subdued, she handcuffed his naked body to the bed. While handcuffed, she carved “Release Me” into his chest, along with her initials “N. S.”

If that wasn’t enough craziness and thoughtless planning, Natasha left Bryan’s cell phone within reach of his handcuffed hand; she wanted him to be able to call if he wanted something. Of course Bryan called the police. If Natasha was lucky, she would get a nice stay in a mental institution for her apparent psychotic break.

With Natasha gone, in the custody of law enforcement, and baby Devin taken back to his father, Toni sat to gather her thoughts. Her emotions were all over the place, from happy to distraught, to not even caring. She had to talk about it with someone, so she grabbed her cell to call Ashanti.

“What’s up, sexy?” Ashanti asked when she answered the phone.

“You won’t even believe what happened!”

“If it has anything to do with Natasha, then I probably can’t.”

Toni explained what had transpired, which momentarily left Ashanti speechless on the other end of the phone call. “Say something, Ashanti. I know you have something to say.”

“I mean, I’m trying to be serious, but, ummm, I told you that Natasha was crazy,” Ashanti said laughing uncontrollably. “You need to be more selective of the company you keep.”

“Damn, you couldn’t even give me 24 hours before you told me that you were right?” Toni was laughing as she asked the question.

“Seriously, I’m happy that no one was really hurt. It could have been much worse. Look at this way…you have been released!” Ashanti couldn’t help herself.

“Such a freakin’ comedian! I’ma let you slide…for now. On to more pressing issues…you know I need some consoling right now. Spending some more time with you will make me feel better about my release.”

“Ashanti always has you when you need me. Come on.”

Softly, Natasha responded, “I didn’t kill him, but I did make him suffer.” Click To Tweet

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Written By Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor


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