Status...It's Complicated

Status…It’s Complicated (Part 5)

Toni and Ashanti went inside to rejoin Marcus and Natasha. After a few more drinks, the two couples parted ways and headed home. While on the ride home, Natasha started talking to Toni as she stared out of the window. “I know that you and Ashanti have something going on. Why don’t you tell me so that I can stop making up stories in my head?”

Nonchalantly, Toni replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“But you do know what I’m talking about. I see how you guys look at each other and interact.”

“Natasha, how do I look at her different from anyone else?” Toni asked sounding more inquisitive than guilty.

“You look at her as if she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Ashanti, the Black Goddess, educator, witty…your everything…”

Paying attention to the road, and still nonchalant, Toni said, “As long as you have a husband, you shouldn’t be concerned about how I look at anyone.”

“I told you that I’m handling that situation! Please give me time to get it together.” Turning to Toni, Natasha pleaded, “Please believe that I love you so much, baby. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do to prove my love for you.”

Still unfazed, Toni responded by saying, “The only way you can prove your love to me is if you get Bryan out of your life. Other than that, I don’t need anything else.”

“Baby, I promise I will take care of it. Just be patient and stick with me.” Natasha reached over and softly kissed Toni on her cheek.

Toni continued to drive in silence. It was not until she pulled into the garage that she spoke. “Hey, umm…you can go in the house. I’ma go back out to clear my head.”

“Where are you going?”

“I already told you…to clear my head. Are you gonna get out of my car?”

“The car I bought for you? Yeah, I’m getting out. I know that you’re going back to her. Tell Ashanti that I said hello.”

Laughing, Toni responded, “Ok, Natasha. I will see you when I get back.”

Natasha reluctantly exited the car. As she did, Toni mumbled, “About time.”

Once back on the road, Toni picked up her phone to make a call. “Hey, you! I know it’s almost midnight, but I want to see you.”

“You know I always have time for you. Marcus is locked up in his office anyway. Probably video chatting with one of his dudes,” replied Ashanti.

Laughing, Toni said, “Cool. He needs to get his just like you get yours. Meet me at the spot. I will probably be there before you, so ask for a key at the front desk.”

“Alright. I’m leaving my house in about five minutes. Roll up and make us some drinks.”

“Anything for your sexy ass!”

“I don’t know about you doing anything, but it sounds good,” Ashanti said laughing. “Get off the phone so I can leave.”

“Ok, ok. See you soon!” Toni said before ending the call. She had to make a quick stop at the 24-hour corner store to grab a bottle before continuing her journey to the hotel. Natasha was nowhere to be found in the thoughts that were dancing in her mind.

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Written by: Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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