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Stephen Amell tried the “American Ninja Warrior” course

The superhero TV show Arrow’s star Stephen Amell ran the American Ninja Warrior course for NBC’s Red Nose Day Special, raising money for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and it was amazing.


Fans of Arrow have seen Amell engage in hand-to-hand combat with superheros, ninjas, and other villans, and done stunts that are crazier than the American Ninja Warrior course, therefore it was no surprise that Amell ran through the course like he could’ve done it in his sleep.

According to, he spoke to fans at London’s Heroes & Villans FanFest, revealing that it wasn’t as easy as he made it look and he even thought he had injured himself.


 “I thought I tore my biceps off of the bone in the second obstacle. I couldn’t feel anything from there to there.”


Amell said,


“I think, all things considered, it went pretty well.”


He talked about the part he was most worried about,


“I was worried about the blocks that rotate when you run past them because they say, ‘Don’t worry if they’re tilted off to the side or if they’re level. Just hit the middle and go as fast as you can,’


He continued,


“What you get is a great idea, except when they’re tilted the wrong way and they’re over water!”


Stephen Amell’s attempt on American Ninja Warriors was really inspiring for actors, athletes, or fitness enthusiasts alike. Despite being a superhero on TV, Amell is just a man, and therefore his athletic ability shown by what he was able to accomplish on the obstacle course is achievable for anyone through hard work and dedication.

WATCH Stephen Amell crush the American Ninja Warrior course

Written by Curtis Han, RM Entertainment Contributor

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