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The Flash’s Barry Allen is dead

“The Flash” season 3 finale on Tuesday began with a twist a lot of people saw coming but ended with an even more shocking twist.  Filming of the ending scene was leaked on YouTube in April and the finale confirmed people’s suspicions – Barry Allen is done being the Flash.



Season finales of “The Flash” have always been epic and major shakeup of the cast. Season one ended with both Eddie and Harrison Wells dead, and the singularity swallowing up the whole city and season two ended with the start of Flashpoint.  However, the CW show has a habit of changing things as fast as the Flash himself. Ronnie and Caitlin got married and then Ronnie died, Barry’s dad was released from prison and stayed for a day then left, Flashpoint lasted for less than one episode, Iris was presumed dead for a week until the finale came out. Barry Allen is done being the Flash, but how long will that last?



For those who didn’t know, Barry Allen died in the 1985 crossover comic book series, “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” letting Wally West be Flash for 20 years until he came out of the speed force and became alive again in 2008’s crossover storyline, “Final Crisis.” Barry Allen will return, but the question is when? “The Flash” writers should take advantage of this plot change and allow Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West to become the official Flash at least for a few episodes before bringing Barry back from the dead. Maybe Team Flash could now get assistance from the “New Caitlin?” It would be more interesting to see how Team Flash adjust to Barry Allen gone and Wally West being the Flash instead of having the premiere of season 4 being Barry Allen back from the dead a year later and he has to win back Iris’ love all over again.


Since Grant Gustin has only recently engaged to LA Thomas, he could take advantage of the break and focus on making his wedding amazing. But, knowing how the show has dealt with big changes in the past, he probably will be back to work before he sends out the wedding invitations.


Would you prefer to see how Team Flash adjusts to the new change or having Barry Allen back in a flash?

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Written by Curtis Han, RM Entertainment Contributor

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