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For the Love of Felicia

For the Love of Felicia (Part 4)

The small, outdoor Cuban restaurant wasn’t located too far from their current location. Once at the restaurant, the women found a table that was at the edge of the sand. From there, they could hear the waves of the ocean in between the Afro-Cuban jazz music that was being played by a band. Both women immediately started looking at their menus as soon as they sat down.

As they looked through the menus, a man approached their table. “Hello, ladies! I saw you at the bar down the street and just wanted to come by to say hello to such beautiful women!”

Looking up, Jessica spoke first, saying, “Well hello to you also! And thank you for the compliment. You don’t look too bad yourself.”

The tall, fair-skinned man, with a hint of a Latin-American accent, responded, “Thank you! May I ask your name? My name is Sergio.”

“Sergio…I like that name. Well, my name is Jessica. And my friend, who is acting completely uninterested…please excuse her rudeness,” Jessica said clearing her throat. “This is my rude friend, Felicia. Felicia, please say hello to our visitor.”

Finally glancing up from her menu, Felicia said, “Hello.” As she was about to look back down at her menu, she became transfixed on the male specimen standing in front of her. “Wha…what did you say your name was?”

“My name is Sergio,” he said smiling, showing all of his perfectly straight, white teeth. “I don’t want to take up too much more of your time, so do you think I could get your number and call you sometime?” Sergio asked while looking at Felicia.

Before she could answer, Jessica spoke up saying, “Yes, she will give you her number and get yours in return.” Jessica grabbed Felicia’s phone that was sitting on the table, and handed it to Sergio to input his information.

“Thank you,” Sergio said. “And thank you for your help, Jessica. You ladies enjoy the rest of your night. Felicia, I plan to use your number so I hope you plan on answering when I do.”

“We will see,” Felicia replied with a shy smile.

After Sergio left their presence, Jessica couldn’t hold back anymore. “Girl, Sergio is fine as hell! And so polite! Don’t do anything stupid, like not answer!”

“Don’t you think I’m already dealing with enough? How would it look if I started talking to someone when I’m begging Terrence to get right?”

“It would look like you finally came to your senses and decided to focus on someone who could be available to love you the way you deserve to be loved.”

“Ok, but when that happens, it would have to be with someone with a little color to him. How would I look on the arm of a white man?”

Laughing and faintly shaking her head, Jessica said, “First of all, you would be fine. Second of all, Sergio is far from white. And I would think that you would not be concerned with that mess. Since when did you become focused on melanated levels? He comes from the same place we do.”

“Ok, for real I’m not. You already know what it is.”

“Forget about Terrence! Can we work on that? Maybe Sergio can work that out of you.”

“Shut up, Jessica!” Felicia laughed. “I’m getting tired. Let’s get our food and go. I’m ready to crash on your firm pillow-top mattress!”

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Written by Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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For the Love of Felicia

For the Love of Felicia (Part 3)

“Since you seem to have everything planned out, go get your nephew together while I pack my bag. You already know where all his stuff is, so do your aunty duties.”

While Felicia went to her room to get her things for the night, Jessica started packing up some stuff for baby TJ. It didn’t take long for the two to finish and head out for the night. Felicia even decided to ride with Jessica so that she would not try to end her night early. Now she would be at the mercy of her best friend, which she probably needed. The two best friends had not been out in over a year. Who knew what was going to happen with this first night of freedom?

After dropping off little TJ with Jessica’s mother and sister, the two women got ready for their night of fun in vibrant Miami. Having decided to go a local bar facing South Miami Beach, Felicia and Jessica kept their outfits simple, both donning sundresses. Felicia’s sundress sported a pattern of flowers, in various shades of purple, on an off-white colored fabric. The dress accentuated her slim frame and small curves. Tonight, she wore her natural hair in twists, instead of covering it with a wig.

While Felicia’s dress was on the subtle side of fashion, Jessica went with bolder colors of red, orange, green, and blue designs on her dress. As usual, Jessica made sure her afro was full blown while beautifully framing her chocolate face. She wore large, gold hoop earrings that could be seen through her thick afro. Jessica was dressed and excited for a night out with her best friend.

The two women enjoyed their time drinking tourist cocktails while people-watching along South Miami Beach. There was a live band at the bar playing reggaeton, which had many of the bar patrons on their feet dancing. Interrupting the people-watching, Jessica said, “Look at all these good-looking men out here! We have rainbow heaven!”

“Maybe you should snatch one up so you’re not so focused on my love life or lack of it,” Felicia responded while laughing.

“How about we both get ourselves one of these fine-looking specimens out here? There is definitely plenty to go around!”

“Yeah, but not after you get to know them. Some of them are already in relationships. Been there, and still there. Some of them are probably gay. Some of them are here on their friend’s dime…no job, no house, no nothing,” Felicia stated.

Sounding more positive about the prospects, Jessica countered with, “Yep, then there are those who have all of that, plus a heart of gold. There are some out there who will make you their world and love you exactly as you need and want to be loved. But how will we know if we don’t try?”

“Sounds good. Since we don’t have that, let’s get some more drinks.”

The best friends continued drinking and watching the people around them. Neither of them made a move away from their table. Though there were guys who gave them looks, both women acted as if they were uninterested. They were happy to be enjoying the Miami air and live music. Felicia and Jessica stayed at the bar until about 2am, when they decided it was time to move on to another spot.

“Where do you want to go now?” Felicia asked Jessica.

“I know a nice Cuban restaurant that stays open til about sunrise. We can get some good Cuban food there. Plus they have good drinks and music too.”

“I’m hungry so I’m down.”


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Written by Dani Powell, Original Story Contributor

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For the Love of Felicia

For the Love of Felicia (Part 2)

In fact, Felicia Daniels was quite beautiful. She was about 5’9”, weighing 160 pounds, with the smoothest dark, brown skin ever. She had the ability to mesmerize everyone with her brown hazel eyes. As slim as Felicia was, she still had a nice, round booty that was just right for squeezing. Though Felicia had natural hair, she sometimes wore wigs to switch up her style, depending on how she was feeling.

As much as Jessica Acosta boosted the ego of her friend, Felicia, she was just as stunning. Jessica, a native Cuban who came to the United States with her family at the young age of two years, had a smooth skin tone that was just as chocolatey rich as that of Felicia’s. They could, and often did, pass for sisters. Jessica was only a few inches shorter, standing at 5’7”, and also slim, weighing about 150 pounds. Her glass, brown eyes were as hypnotic as watching a pendulum. Jessica never covered her natural afro that she wore in various styles.

“Jessica, stop gassing me up!” Felicia said playfully. “You know them men folk be coming after you just as hard. Stop acting like you’re an old maid. We are the same darn age and I’m definitely not an old maid!”

“Now, I never said all that,” Jessica responded laughing, “but a kid will do that to you. You end up putting so much energy into making sure he is good, that you have no time for the games or trying to figure out if the relationship will be worth it.”

“You’re a great mother who deserves to have someone take care of you. Jacob is lucky to have you as his mother. Now get him a man to be around on a regular basis.”

“Girl, please! I will not find someone just to appease society and their version of a complete family. Jacob has plenty of uncles in his life who are doing well in showing his eight-year old butt how to be a man. Better that, then being stuck with the wrong man.”

Rolling her eyes, Felicia said, “You really had to throw that in there. I get it, girl, I do. Deep down, I know that I’m in one of those stereotypical hood relationships. Give me time to let go. I will when I’m ready.”

“I’m here for you no matter what you decide to do. Always remember that TJ is counting on you to make good decisions for his life.”

“I know, I know. Now can we talk about something else? All this relationship mess has me feeling some kind of way.”

Excited, Jessica exclaimed, “A great idea! And I have another wonderful idea! We should go out! When is the last time we went out? Go listen to some soca, reggaeton, afrobeat, something. We are in Miami where life never stops! Let’s live!”

Trying to match Jessica’s excitement, Felicia said, “It sounds good to me! But wait, what about the boys?”

“You know TJ can go to my mom’s house with Jacob. My lil sister will help out. We can take her shopping for payment.”

“Ok, but what about…”

Cutting off Felicia in mid-sentence, Jessica said, “What about what? How about what about nothing? You aren’t worrying about Terrence because he isn’t worrying about you. TJ will be fine at my mom’s. All you have to do is find something to wear, pack a bag and come with me. You’re staying at my house tonight.”


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Written by Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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For the Love of Felicia

For the Love of Felicia (Part 1)

“Terrence, why do you have to leave? When are you going to move in with me and your baby boy?”

“Why do you do this every time I come over?” Terrence asked. “You about to make me stop coming over here at all, Felicia!” he said sounding irritated.

Attempting to ease the tension that was created, Felicia softly responded, “I’m sorry, baby. It’s just that I miss you when you’re gone and I’m ready for us to be a family. You know how much I love you. And your son needs you around on a consistent basis.”

Walking up and leaning down to kiss Felicia on the forehead, Terrence said, “I love both of you too. You already know what I’m dealing with. Don’t pressure me as if I don’t want to be here. I gotta go. I will be back soon.”

“Ok, Terrence,” Felicia sadly replied. She reached out to grab Terrence for a hug but he quickly walked to the front door and left.

With Terrence gone, Felicia went to check on her 7-month old son, Terrence Hakim Jones, Jr., named after his 32-year old father. TJ was happily playing with the toys on his play mat, in his playpen, oblivious to the reckless behavior of his parents. As Felicia watched TJ play, she wondered when Terrence would be back again. She never knew when he was coming until he showed up. Sometimes he would be there every day of the week, then other times he would stay gone for weeks at a time.

Before Felicia could completely zone out, her cell phone started ringing. She grabbed it from the kitchen counter and answered it once she saw who it was. “Hey, girl. How are you doing?”

“I think I’m doing better than you sound,” her best friend Jessica responded. “What’s wrong with you? Or do I even have to ask?”

“Girl, you already know. Terrence just left,” Felicia miserably said.

“For real, when are you going to leave his butt alone? He was no good when you started messing with him and still no good. Just because you guys had my beautiful nephew, TJ, that doesn’t make him good now.”

“But he said that what me and him have is different from what he is used to going through. And the way he treats me, I believe him.”

“Which is part of your problem, Felicia. How is it different? How does he treat you? He goes home to a long-time girlfriend and their three kids. Aside from her, he has two other kids by two other women. Who knows how many more are out there? You should have never gotten involved with him. Just because you have a kid, that doesn’t mean you have to stay with this dude. Well, you ain’t even together, so I really don’t know what you are doing.”

All Felicia could ask was, “Why are you always lecturing me?” Deep down, she knew that her best friend’s words were true.

“Because I love you, girl! You know you’re the sister I never had! Besides, you’re young, only 28-years old, beautiful, and all of these ELIGIBLE men knocking at your door. I’m waiting for you to get some sense and leave Terrence alone. Get your child support order and run!” Jessica started laughing at her own words.


Written by Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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Trapped in the Attic

Trapped in the Attic (Part 6)

Things are becoming so foggy and my vision is blurred. Why does my body feel so heavy? Where am I at? This doesn’t look like the attic any more. I can see white walls through the thick fog. I hear some faint, steady beeps. The beeps are getting louder and the walls are getting brighter. There is a flat screen television mounted on the white wall. The picture is starting to come into focus and I can tell that an episode of Law and Order SVU is playing. I have seen most of them, so I have probably seen this one too.

I try to get up, but I am tangled in cords. As the fog lifts, I see that I have tubes and lines and monitors attached to my body. I attempt to turn my head to get a look around, only to feel a sharpness in my neck. Struggling to get my hand up, I follow a line that leads to my neck; it’s attached to a needle stuck in the side of my neck. It must be an IV line. Not having to explore any further, I know that I’m in a hospital room.

Before I can do anything else, in walks my mommy, so excited to see me! “Hey, sweet pea!” she excitedly says. “I’m so happy to see you awake! Promise me you will finally stop scaring me like this!”

“Mommy, I’m fine. What happened?” I don’t know why I asked the question because I have a pretty good idea.

“Oh, my sweet baby,” my mommy starts off real soft, sounding extremely heartbroken. “You went on another one of your binges. You know that you can’t make it through all of them. This stuff that you insist on putting into your body is going to kill you. I don’t know what I would do if you died, baby.”

“Mommy, I promise I will get help. You know I have a lot of things going on…some things that I can’t even explain to myself.”

“Where did I go wrong with you, April?”

“You did all that you could. None of this is your fault. I’m just weak. I didn’t take after how strong you are, being able to raise me on your own and providing me with everything I ever needed or wanted.”

“Sweet pea, you have said that you would get help before. How many more rehab centers do you need to enter before something works?”

“Mommy, I have gone through so much in my life, some things that you don’t even know about. Give me time to get it together.”

“Time is what you don’t have. April, you have already destroyed your body. If the drugs don’t kill you, it will be a side effect of the drugs that do.”

“I hear you. But just trust me to do what I have to do. When can I go home?” My mom was starting to irritate me, acting like I have no control over my life.

“I don’t know, sweet pea. Let me go talk to the doctor,” my mommy says as she starts walking out of the room.

I know that I can get better. I can fix myself. I don’t need anyone else to tell me what I already know. Rehab, treatment, or whatever, will have to wait until I can get this pain under control. My mommy has me thinking too much, something I don’t like to do. It only makes me feel worse. Sometimes it’s better not to feel anything. First thing first…I have to get out of here. This pain is becoming unbearable and I need another hit.

Things are becoming so foggy and my vision is blurred. Why does my body feel so heavy? Click To Tweet

Written by Dani Powell, Original Story Contributor

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Trapped in the Attic

Trapped in the Attic (Part 3)

Dang it! I can hear my mommy again. Why hasn’t she come to get me yet? “Mommy! Mom! Mother!” I keep yelling for her but she isn’t responding.

I heard her say my name so I know that she’s talking about me. “I’m in here, Mom! I’m trapped in the attic again!” I can’t scream any louder than I already am. I get up from the floor to pound on the door, but I’m too late because I can hear her footsteps getting faint. Maybe she will find me next time.

Who knows how long I’m going to be in this attic. I guess I will continue to reminisce until mommy finds me. I go over to some boxes in the corner because I see some white lace sticking out and want to know what it is. As I pull it out of the box, I see that it’s a wedding veil and wedding dress. I can’t remember anyone getting married so I don’t know who it belongs to.

I think I was going to get married before. I can’t remember. Maybe I just had a boyfriend. Holding this wedding dress in my hand is bringing back a few memories. I had a fiancé, not just a boyfriend. But I messed it up some kind of way. Yeah, I had one too many episodes for him. I feel bad when it happens. The last time, he left me because I rammed his car with mine. If only he could understand what goes on in my mind. I will find somebody one day that will.

So this was supposed to be my wedding dress, I think. Maybe I will be able to wear it one day. Or maybe I should really just stay by myself. My mommy does well taking care of me. She understands when I have episodes. They aren’t all extremely bad. I have to admit that I do get out of hand sometimes. That is when I end up in the attic. This is my safe place; a place where I don’t have to worry about anything except how and when I’m getting out.

Time seems to stand still when I’m in the attic. It’s when I get out that I realize how much time has really passed. My mommy says that she hopes I stop taking trips to the attic. She is afraid that she won’t be able to find me one day. I don’t know why if she already knows where I am. She worries too much. This may be my last trip to the attic just for her sake.

There is a man outside of the attic door. I can’t tell who he is talking to, but I can hear him say, “She may not be coming out of this one. It was pretty bad this time. We need to talk about possibly making other arrangements.”

What arrangements is he talking about? Who is he talking about? Someone must be seriously doing badly. Why is this man even talking outside of my door and where is my mommy? I’m not liking this at all!

“Someone come help me! Get me out of here!” Why is it that I can hear everybody but no one can hear me? I can’t pound on this door any harder than I am already.

If only he could understand what goes on in my mind. Click To Tweet

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Written by Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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Trapped in the Attic

Trapped in the Attic (Part 2)

So April Michelle McClendon is my name and I’m 24 years old. I have the same almond-brown skin tone as my beautiful mother. I’m even tall and skinny like her, if you think that 5’8” is tall. I do because I am taller than other girls I hang out with. Plus my mommy says that we are tall and she is never wrong.

Speaking of my mommy, where is she at? I don’t want to be in this attic all day. I have things to do; I can’t remember what they are, but I know that I have things to do. I don’t know if I even told my mommy I was going to explore in the attic. But she should know because it’s one of my favorite places to go. While I wait for her to find me, I will keep looking around. First, let me finish looking at all the pretty pictures.

I think I hear someone outside of the door. “Is that you, Mommy?” I ask. “Hello, can you hear me?” I’m practically screaming and banging on the door but they still don’t seem to hear me. “Mommy, I’m in here!” I yell one more time hoping that she will hear me.

I can’t understand why she doesn’t hear me because I can hear her. Maybe it’s because she is talking to someone. I do hear other voices with her. It sounds like a lady and a man. What could she possibly be doing? Maybe she reported me missing. I think she did report me missing that one time; she got to me before the search party did. It could have been more than once because I seem to go missing a lot.

Getting back to the pictures, I come across one with a young woman dressed up in an Army uniform. The woman is me. I do remember my four long years in the Army. I couldn’t get out fast enough! I joined before I even graduated from high school, and left for boot camp in Fort Jackson, SC immediately after graduation. During those four long years, I managed to get deployed for two and a half of those years; twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan.

I can remember some things going wrong during my second deployment, which made it worse when I deployed for the third and final time. People tell me all the time that I should talk about what happened, talk about my feelings. But those same people would not understand if I did decide to tell them. I think people tell you to talk to them because they are nosey. Then the professionals seem to give the same speeches, so I don’t think they really care either. My mommy tries to listen, but I don’t like the hurt I see on her face when I tell her some of the things I went through and some of the thoughts I still have.

What do I do instead? I drink my feelings away. If I’m not drinking, I’m probably high off some of the many prescription pills I get from the Veteran Affairs hospital. They like to give you grocery bags full of narcotics that keep you numb but fix nothing. There are times when I may overdo it. Then my mommy will nurse me back to health. She is such a great mommy!

People tell me all the time that I should talk about what happened, talk about my feelings. Click To Tweet

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Written by Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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Trapped in the Attic

Trapped in the Attic

Dammit! I can’t believe I did it again! I don’t know why I don’t prop open the door when I decide to reminisce in the attic. You would think that I would learn by now since it’s happened so many times. It’s becoming a regular occurrence. Dang, and I forgot what I was coming up here for. I hate when that happens, probably more than getting locked up here. I’m really just hoping that it won’t be days until someone lets me out. That has happened before, and it wasn’t a good time.

There is so much stuff up here! I always find something new because nothing is organized. If someone said they would pay me a million dollars to locate a specific item, I wouldn’t be able to do it. It’s really that bad up here! Maybe one day I will be able to get everything situated. Every time I try, I seem to get sidetracked. That might be why some people tell me that I’m absent-minded. I don’t get it because I don’t even know how someone can be without a mind.

But anyway, let me try to figure out why I came up here in the first place. I guess I can start with this box right here. It looks pretty beat up, so it must be old. The light-brown cardboard forming the box looks like it has seen better days. I don’t want to move it too much because it may fall apart. The joints of the flaps are barely holding on and the box isn’t even a real square anymore. It looks as if it has sustained a spill or splash from some kind of foreign liquid, a time or two in its lifetime.

When I look inside the box, the first thing I see is a dusty blue photo album, simply labeled “Photos”. I pull it out of the box and sit cross-legged on the raggedy, creaky wooden floor. I always love to look at old pictures. They bring back so many memories. Unlike other people my age, I prefer to look at pictures I can hold instead of looking at them digitally. I swear technology ruins so many beautiful things.

The first picture I see when I open the album is of a beautiful Black woman wearing her hair braided in long cornrows with beads, holding a chunky baby girl with a head full of curly charcoal black hair. The woman has an almond brown complexion and the baby girl’s is slightly lighter. They must be mother and daughter because their outfits are coordinated, as both are wearing pink and blue dresses. It looks like a happy time because they are smiling from ear to ear.

I turn over the picture and see the words “Betty and April” in cursive writing. Hey! April is my name! And Betty is my mom! This must be a picture of me as a baby. Now I know for sure that it’s a happy picture! I have the best mommy in the whole world! She will probably be the one unlocking the attic door for me like she normally does. My mommy always finds me when I lock myself in places like this attic.

I’m really just hoping that it won’t be days until someone lets me out. That has happened before Click To Tweet

Written by Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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Status...It's Complicated

Status…It’s Complicated (Part 10)

As Toni moved out of the way for the law enforcement officers to come through the front door, Natasha was being ushered back into the living room by more officers. “What did you do, Natasha?” Toni was pleading to know.

“All that I did, I did for us, baby! I told you that I love you and would do anything for us! Do you believe me now?” Natasha asked looking a bit deranged.

One of the plain clothes officers removed the now crying Devin from her arms before placing her in handcuffs and reading Natasha her rights. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. Do you understand these rights?”

Natasha whispered, “Yes.”

“Natasha, what did you do? Did you kill Bryan?” Toni begged to know.

Softly, Natasha responded, “I didn’t kill him, but I did make him suffer.” Natasha started to laugh.

One of the officers explained to Toni that some of the charges against Natasha were kidnapping and assault and battery. Apparently, after Natasha physically satisfied herself and Bryan, she drugged him just enough so that he couldn’t fight back. Once he was subdued, she handcuffed his naked body to the bed. While handcuffed, she carved “Release Me” into his chest, along with her initials “N. S.”

If that wasn’t enough craziness and thoughtless planning, Natasha left Bryan’s cell phone within reach of his handcuffed hand; she wanted him to be able to call if he wanted something. Of course Bryan called the police. If Natasha was lucky, she would get a nice stay in a mental institution for her apparent psychotic break.

With Natasha gone, in the custody of law enforcement, and baby Devin taken back to his father, Toni sat to gather her thoughts. Her emotions were all over the place, from happy to distraught, to not even caring. She had to talk about it with someone, so she grabbed her cell to call Ashanti.

“What’s up, sexy?” Ashanti asked when she answered the phone.

“You won’t even believe what happened!”

“If it has anything to do with Natasha, then I probably can’t.”

Toni explained what had transpired, which momentarily left Ashanti speechless on the other end of the phone call. “Say something, Ashanti. I know you have something to say.”

“I mean, I’m trying to be serious, but, ummm, I told you that Natasha was crazy,” Ashanti said laughing uncontrollably. “You need to be more selective of the company you keep.”

“Damn, you couldn’t even give me 24 hours before you told me that you were right?” Toni was laughing as she asked the question.

“Seriously, I’m happy that no one was really hurt. It could have been much worse. Look at this way…you have been released!” Ashanti couldn’t help herself.

“Such a freakin’ comedian! I’ma let you slide…for now. On to more pressing issues…you know I need some consoling right now. Spending some more time with you will make me feel better about my release.”

“Ashanti always has you when you need me. Come on.”

Softly, Natasha responded, “I didn’t kill him, but I did make him suffer.” Click To Tweet

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Written By Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor


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Status...It's Complicated

Status…It’s Complicated (Part 4)

Toni and Ashanti Williams had met through their work towards equality in school funding. When they met about four years ago, both were teachers struggling to educate their students on a limited budget. Just as Toni had become a principal, Ashanti was now a principal at a middle school in the same district.

Even though Ashanti was in a committed relationship to Marcus Thomas, that didn’t stop the secret relationship between her and Toni. From the first time they met, Toni was instantly attracted to the 5’8”, kissed by the sun, rich chocolate, special dark, thin Ashanti, with the hazel eyes. At the time, Toni was single so she didn’t care what Ashanti had going on, as long as she fit somewhere in her life.

In the back seat of Ashanti’s Tahoe, Toni had positioned her lengthwise along the seat. Access to Ashanti’s treasure box was easy for Toni because Ashanti was wearing a sundress. After sliding her bikini panties down her long legs, Toni quickly delighted Ashanti by satisfying the sweet spot between her thighs.

“My body loves how you do it,” Ashanti gasped, trying to catch her breath.

“And I love doing it to your sexy body!” Toni said as she sat up in the seat.

“When are you going to leave Natasha? You know she isn’t what you want. Besides that, you said yourself that you know she is still fuckin’ with her husband.”

“Ok, leave her and do what? She is cool and her money is cooler! Less stress on my pockets,” Toni laughed.

“What about your true happiness? You would make a good wife to someone really deserving of your love,” Ashanti said as she cleaned up with some wipes from her glove compartment.

“I could say the same thing to you. Why are you still with Marcus? You know damn well that his ass is gayer than me. You guys don’t even have sex. Who is fooling who? Live and be your real self.”

“It’s not that simple and you know it. Look how much harder you have to fight to get what you want because you are open with your beautiful gayness.”

“Yeah, but at the end of the day, it’s worth the fight. There will be people to overlook that and see my genuine desire to help our kids.”

Ashanti replied, “We are all messed up in our own way, some happen to be a little more than others. So you know, I think your girl is on the extreme side of messed up.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“A person with so many secrets is capable of doing some crazy things! And you know she is crazy in love with you and fuckin’ her husband for the money, which she gives to you.”

“Nah, she isn’t crazy. A little, well a lot messed up though.”

“What’s the difference? Come on, you don’t even acknowledge her child. Both of you are in this weird, dysfunctional type of relationship for whatever reasons. You act like you all in love to keep the money flowing, but you sitting here with me, in the back seat of my truck.” Ashanti giggled a little and said, “Damn, we are some fucked up individuals. Yes, I know Marcus is gay, but he is a good arm piece; we look like a power couple. Shit, I’m gay too, so who am I to judge?”

“Yeah, I can vouch for your gayness!” declared Toni. “Let’s go back inside before they finally get a clue.”

Written by: Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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