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Part 1

Temporary Displacement

Temporary Displacement (Part 1)

Another day and another successful presentation! I was lining myself up for my first promotion at a rate faster than most. I took my marketing career seriously. Every presentation was treated as if it were my first. Dressed to impress always, and ensuring that all details were taken into account.

I was 38 years old and had only been in the marketing field for a few years. As far as working for this company, I had been here for a few months now. This was my second major career and I was loving ever bit of it! Prior to marketing, I was an emergency medical technician (EMT). I loved the work, but it was a lot of hours for not enough pay.

“Again, great job on that presentation, Tiffany! You just made us some more money,” exclaimed my boss.

“Thanks, Dylan! I do what I can!”

“I’m so happy you took me up on the offer to come here! We are going to do some damage to the competition!”

Happy to hear that, I responded, “You know I couldn’t resist! You gave me an opportunity that I would have had to be mental to pass up.”

“We should go out to celebrate this victory. A new account thanks to your outstanding presentation deserves to be celebrated!”

“I would love to, Dylan, but I have some things to handle. We can do a double celebration after the next account is landed.”

“Dang, alright, Tiff. Can’t wait for you to get all of your stuff handled,” Dylan sighed. You haven’t been able to hang out for a minute now. Anything I can help you with?”

“Nah, I’m good. Got a lot on my plate right now. I’ll make it up to you though. I know I owe you some time.”

“Alright. You know you’re my best friend, so don’t hesitate to let me know if you need something,” Dylan responded while grabbing my hands.

“I know, Dylan. And thank you. I will see you tomorrow so we can get these accounts.”

Drinks with one of my best friends would have been nice right about now. But there was no way I could do it. I had more pressing issues to deal with. There would be time for playing later. Dylan would understand; we had been best friends since our University of North Carolina days.

So, my name is Tiffany McLaren, but most people call me Tiff or Tee. I really have no preference. I’m an east coast baby, born and raised in North Carolina. For some reason, I always had an attraction to the west coast. Being in San Diego, California is a long way from home, but I love it! I was meant to be here. North Carolina and my Black Baptist family were a little too conservative for me and my lifestyle, so it was time that I broke away. Dylan Sanderson gave me the perfect chance when he suggested I come work for him in California.

The only problem is that I didn’t fully comprehend exactly how expensive it was out here. Because I had just left a bad relationship where I was the sole provider, I brought a huge amount of debt with me to Cali. Yes, I was finally making good money again, however, I still had some things to handle. I was so used to handling my own business, that I kept things to myself. Being the black sheep of my family, my sinful gay tail couldn’t reach back to them. Even though Dylan was one of my best friends, I didn’t want him knowing the severity of my mess.


Written by Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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For the Love of Felicia

For the Love of Felicia (Part 1)

“Terrence, why do you have to leave? When are you going to move in with me and your baby boy?”

“Why do you do this every time I come over?” Terrence asked. “You about to make me stop coming over here at all, Felicia!” he said sounding irritated.

Attempting to ease the tension that was created, Felicia softly responded, “I’m sorry, baby. It’s just that I miss you when you’re gone and I’m ready for us to be a family. You know how much I love you. And your son needs you around on a consistent basis.”

Walking up and leaning down to kiss Felicia on the forehead, Terrence said, “I love both of you too. You already know what I’m dealing with. Don’t pressure me as if I don’t want to be here. I gotta go. I will be back soon.”

“Ok, Terrence,” Felicia sadly replied. She reached out to grab Terrence for a hug but he quickly walked to the front door and left.

With Terrence gone, Felicia went to check on her 7-month old son, Terrence Hakim Jones, Jr., named after his 32-year old father. TJ was happily playing with the toys on his play mat, in his playpen, oblivious to the reckless behavior of his parents. As Felicia watched TJ play, she wondered when Terrence would be back again. She never knew when he was coming until he showed up. Sometimes he would be there every day of the week, then other times he would stay gone for weeks at a time.

Before Felicia could completely zone out, her cell phone started ringing. She grabbed it from the kitchen counter and answered it once she saw who it was. “Hey, girl. How are you doing?”

“I think I’m doing better than you sound,” her best friend Jessica responded. “What’s wrong with you? Or do I even have to ask?”

“Girl, you already know. Terrence just left,” Felicia miserably said.

“For real, when are you going to leave his butt alone? He was no good when you started messing with him and still no good. Just because you guys had my beautiful nephew, TJ, that doesn’t make him good now.”

“But he said that what me and him have is different from what he is used to going through. And the way he treats me, I believe him.”

“Which is part of your problem, Felicia. How is it different? How does he treat you? He goes home to a long-time girlfriend and their three kids. Aside from her, he has two other kids by two other women. Who knows how many more are out there? You should have never gotten involved with him. Just because you have a kid, that doesn’t mean you have to stay with this dude. Well, you ain’t even together, so I really don’t know what you are doing.”

All Felicia could ask was, “Why are you always lecturing me?” Deep down, she knew that her best friend’s words were true.

“Because I love you, girl! You know you’re the sister I never had! Besides, you’re young, only 28-years old, beautiful, and all of these ELIGIBLE men knocking at your door. I’m waiting for you to get some sense and leave Terrence alone. Get your child support order and run!” Jessica started laughing at her own words.


Written by Dani Powell, RM Entertainment Original Story Contributor

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