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Teen Wolf in 6B, completing the story or starting one?

As Teen Wolf’s season 6B premiere date gets closer and closer everyday, viewers of Teen Wolf become more and more anxious about a few things in the last 10 episodes of the show. Mostly, they’re worried that their favorite character Stiles wouldn’t appear as much because of the actor’s busy schedule, and also whether or not the show is shifting focus onto less important characters instead of wrapping up storylines for the main characters in a meaningful way.

As Dylan O’Brien, the actor who plays the fan-favorite character Stiles, continues filming movies, the frequency of his character’s appearance becomes questionable. Teen Wolf fans started a trend back in 2016 called, “#Teenwolfisoverparty” claiming that they wouldn’t watch the show anymore if they no longer see Stiles on screen. As the ratings of the show’s season 6A declines, it’s a good indicator that the fans were serious. For the first episode of season 6, the show only had 0.56 million viewers, but then the episode had Stiles literally pulled out of existence and the second episode dropped to 0.41 million. Stiles only came back towards the end of season 6A, then the show immediately sent the character to join a pre-FBI program and exited the show. Stiles said at the end of the second to the last scene of the 6A finale, “It just feels so anti-climatic.” It didn’t even show them graduate, it didn’t show the “graduation party” they were going to. We wouldn’t even get to see that anymore because 6B is going to pick up 3 months after they’ve already graduated. It did feel anti-climatic, Stiles, it really did.


For some time now, the show has been developing a “New Generation.” Basically, the executive producer Jeff Davis decided that the show was called, “Teen Wolf” and Scott, Stiles, Malia and Lydia would be considered too old after they graduate (P.S. none of the actors are actually minors) so the show was shifting focus to a “New Generation” or a “New High School Werewolf Pack” consisting of Liam (New Scott), Mason (New Stiles), Corey and Hayden. In the end of episode 10, Stiles even called Liam, “The New Alpha.” The New Generation Pack really came to light when Liam stormed off saying he was going to capture a monster alone and his friends, Mason, Corey and Hayden said they were by his side no matter what, making him officially their leader.


Now, let’s be clear about one thing. In the show, they are a wolf pack. Not a high school fraternity, but a wolf pack. The wolf pack consists of Scott, Malia and Liam, and the other characters are also in the pack without being werewolves. Scott is the official Alpha, and he will always be. They don’t stop being werewolves and Scott doesn’t stop being the Alpha just because he graduates from high school. Again, it’s not a fraternity. Scott has to die for Liam to become the new Alpha, and he’s only about 2 years older than Liam so unless Liam kills Scott, he’s never going to become the new Alpha. When Liam decided it was time he took the responsibility of the new Alpha, it shouldn’t have been viewed as a cute story about a boy coming into his own. It should’ve been considered a treacherous act. In any other real life situations when this happens, the traitor would’ve been killed or tortured until he spilled the names of the other traitors who now viewed him as the leader, so they could be killed as well. Just imagine what would’ve happened if someone in ancient Rome had decided he was going to be king and had a bunch of followers while Julius Caesar was still the king? Or what’d happen to someone doing the same thing in Russia when it was still the Soviet Union?


If the show had continued past season 6 and they actually decided to kill Scott so Liam could become the leader just because Scott was leaving high school, does that mean Liam would eventually be killed after he graduates so a new kid could become the alpha and then the new kid gets killed for another new kid to be the alpha? Is Teen Wolf trying to become the next Degrassi in the most hideous way possible?


As Teen Wolf comes to an end in season 6, let’s hope it comes to a reasonable conclusion and actually gives the characters, especially Stiles, the farewell they deserve.


Written by Curtis Han, RM Entertainment Contributor

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