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RM Entertainment recently welcomed two new team members.  Please welcome, Curtis Han. As an RM Entertainment Contributor, he will provide fresh articles on your favorite television shows, films, celebrities and more. Curtis has you covered on all things SIZZLING in entertainment.


Curtis Han is a freelance entertainment writer, author and actor. He published his first story, “Chasing Innocence,” in 2013 and has appeared in films such as, Two Wongs Don’t Make a White and State of Desolation. His passion for the entertainment industry is what motivates him to write entertainment news. He’s written numerous articles for various web publications. In his spare time, he likes to spend quality time with his friends and watch amazing movies and Television Shows.

His passion for the entertainment industry is what motivates him to write entertainment news. Click To Tweet

Next, welcome Dani Powell to the team. She brings a unique spin to the RM Entertainment family. As the Original Story Contributor, she’s graced the site with a juicy narrative, Status…It’s complicated, guaranteed to have you coming back for your weekly fix as your taken on a journey through the ironies of life; in addition to a hot and steamy romance.  Status…It’s complicated is what’s hot in 2017.  Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Exclusively on Entertainment.RenishaMarie.org.

Dani Powell was born in Fort Hood, Texas, into a military family. From traveling around the world as a child, and living with her late Grandmother in the country town of Warsaw, North Carolina from time to time, Dani gained an awakened perspective of the world. She was able to share these adventures with a younger brother and sister, with whom she is close. Upon graduating from high school in Chesapeake, Virginia, she began her own military career that continued to shape her life. After a successful naval career, Dani settled in southeastern Virginia with her family, where she currently resides. Through her publishing company, Pijon-Toed Publishing LLC, she wrote and published her first novel, New Beginnings. Dani is currently focusing on her writing career, exploring where her writing will take her, while she pursues an MBA degree.

Dani gained an awakened perspective of the world which she shares through her writings. Click To Tweet


Stay tuned. There’s more to come from RM Entertainment; your #1 entertainment source.


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